Most of the creators of game content know that some game developers have strict copyrights to their games and music in them. Often music or certain sound effects are the reason that the gameplay is turned off or shifted. So many creators are interested in what is happening with the new Square Enix music channel on YouTube.

What is the status of DMCA at Square Enix Music?

Nintendo Under Pressure As Square Enix Upload 5,500 Tracks To New Official Music YouTube Channel

Partially anger around this new channel is that Square Enix has released more low-file tracks from their games so that people can learn or work on them. They consist of a mixture of remixes and classic songs from various games. Other companies, such as Riot Games, released channels of a similar type, but stated their audience that they would not be protected by copyright.

The fact is that Square ENIX did not declare anything like that. Since they have copyrights to the rest of their content, it is not surprising that at the bottom of each of these videos it is stated that the music is the exceptional property of Square Enix. Unfortunately, this means that it is not a safe DMCA or copyright.

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