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The Mitchells vs. The Machines de Netflix, Arcane Dominate Annie Awards

This weekend. The Annie 2022 Awards were carried out to honor the best animated feats last year. Many different studies, networks and transmission services were represented over the course of the program, but from the beginning it became clear that the night would belong to Netflix. The Streamer had the most awarded movie and the most award-winning television program.

ArCANO The liga of legends Animated series, led all the programs with nine Annie prizes in total, including general production, TV. The series won in all the categories in which it received a nomination.

On the side of the film, the Mitchell against the machines_ was the great winner of the night, taking a total of eight prizes. Those victories include better feature film and address, feature film. Other Netflix titles also won prizes, including Mayays and three and TWIST, scientific_.

Here is the complete list of the winners of the Annie Prize this year:

Best feature
The Mitchell against the machines

Independent Feature

Address, Feature film
The Mitchell against the machines
Directors: Mike Rianda, Jeff Rowe

Address, Television
ARCANO – Episode: The monster you created
Directors: Pascal Charue, Arnaud Delord, Barthelemy Maunoury

Graphic script, characteristic
Script artist Graph: Jason Hand

Graphic script, television
Arcane – Episode: When these walls collapse
Script artist Graph: Simon AndDriveau

General television production
Arcane – Episode: When these walls collapse

Child TV production.
Maya and the three – Episode: The Sun and the Moon

Preschool television production
TWIST, scientific_ – Episode: Twelve Angry Birds

Scripture, characteristic
The Mitchell against the machines
Writers: Mike Rianda, Jeff Rowe

Scripture, television
ARCANO – Episode: The monster you created
Writers: Christian Linke, Alex Yee

Voice acting, characteristic
The Mitchell against the machines
Abbi Jacobson as Katie Mitchell

Voice acting, TV
Arcane – Episode: When these walls collapse
She Purnell as ‘jinx’

Edition, feature
The Mitchell against the machines
Editorial Equipment: Greg Levitan, Collin Wightman, TJ Young, Tony Ferdinand, Bret Allen

Edition, television
_And…? _ – Episode: What if… Ultrón win?
Editorial Equipment: Joel Fisher, Graham Fisher, Sharia Davis, Basuki Juwono, Adam Spieckermann

Animated Effects, Feature
The Mitchell against the machines
Special Effects Team: Christopher Logan, Man-Louk Chin, Devdatta Nerurkar, Pav Grochola, Filippo Maccari

Animated Effects, TV
ArCANO – Episode: Oil and water
Special Effects Team: Guillaume Degroote, Aurélien Ressencourt, Martin Touzé, Frédéric Macé, Jérôme Dupré

Character animation, feature film
Animator: Dave Hardin

Character Animation, Television
ARCANO – Episode: The monster you created
Cheerleader: Léa Chervet

Character Animation, Live Action
Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings
Animation Equipment: Karl Rapley, Sebastian Trujillo, Richard John Moore, Merlin Bela Wassilij Maertz, Pascal Raimbault

49th Annie Awards March 22, 2022
Character Animation, Video Game
Animation Equipment: Insomniac Games Animation Equipment

Character Design, Feature
The Mitchell against the machines
Designer: Lindsey Olivares

Character Design, Television
ArCANO – Episode: It is better to leave some unresolved mysteries
Designer: Evan Monteiro

Music, feature
Music: Germaine Franco, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Music, Television

Maya and the three – Episode: The Sun and the Moon
Music: Tim Davies, Gustavo Santalalla

Sponsored production
_ A future begins_
Nexus studies

Special production
Baobab studies

Production design, Feature film
The Mitchell against the machines
Design team: Lindsey Olivares, Toby Wilson, Dave Bleich

Production design, television
ArCANO – Episode: Happy progress day!
Design team: Julien Georgel, Aymeric Kevin, Arnaud Baudry

Short theme

Film student
Night of the living dread
Student Director: Ida Meum
Production student: Danielle Goff
School: National Film and Television School, United Kingdom

Winsor McCay Award
Rubén Aquino.
Lillian Schwartz.
Toshio Suzuki.

Award for special achievement
Cañada Vilppu.

Python Foundation
June raid prize
Renzo and Sayoko Kinoshita

What do you think of the winners of the Annie Prize this year? Tell us in the comments!

Warhammer III brings more chaos with the band

Total was: Warhammer II is the eleventh part of the computer system technique game series was totally as well as successor of Total was: Warhammer of the British Designer Studio Creative Setting Up. The game appeared on September 28, 2017, for Microsoft Windows. On November 20, 2018, Feral Interactive published the ready macOS and also Linux.

ENTER THE WORLD OF SLAANESH | TOTAL WAR: Warhammer 3 Faction Trailer

Chaos is unleashed once again in Total War: Warhammer III. Today, Total War presents the Spanish faction in Warhammer III with a new trailer. The trailer, accompanied by a press release, aimed to highlight the units, the style of play and the elements of the story. The brutal, but refined and elegant trailer shows everything that makes Spanish hordes being sinister and sexy.

Submit to Spanish The voice of Arch-Tempter N’Kari, the legendary Lord of this faction, ends the trailer. His voice off gives the tone to the faction itself. Spanish, being the god of chaos of indulgence, pleasure and terrestrial gratification, has its virtues reflected in its units. As we see in the trailer, Spanish demons are fast, vicious and confusing to watch. They are both beautiful and terrible and the trailer highlights these physical characteristics.

Incarnation of their protective god, the Spanish demons are vicious, graceful and seductive said the press release about the list of factions.

The Units of Spanish, according to the press release, focus on their speed. By using tactics of leakage crime, the hordes of demons of the god of chaos aim to quickly break the enemy ranks. In addition, separating enemy units and destroying them is an integral part of the Spanish army tactics.

In addition to combat mechanisms, the press release also details some mechanisms of the campaign card. The statement mentions on the campaign card, the Spanish factions strive to broadcast the hedonistic message of the Black Prince at every moment.

Alluding to mechanisms such as the visualization of other chaos factions and cults, the press release has mechanisms that players will see during the complete exit of the faction.

Fortunately, the Spanish faction will be launched on February 17, 2022. Players do not have to wait so long for even more chaos in their Warhammer III.

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