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WEMADE, Large-scale update open in April

Wemade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WEMADE, Headquarters: Korea, Gyeonggi Kojo Minami City, Representative Director: Chan Hyongck) has published a large-scale update of Tuesday, 5th (Tuesday), and Mobile MMORPG .

Wemade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WEMADE, Headquarters: Korea, Gyeonggi Kojo Minami City, Representative Director: Chan Hyongck) has published a large-scale update of Tuesday, 5th (Tuesday), and Mobile MMORPG .

The battle beyond the server begins with the “Expedition Corps” update

Mir4 - Major update of MIR4 this April 5, 2022 | Game Update | Class Skill Fix Notice

1.5 (Tuesday), Transportation Content “Expedition” Update 2.19 (Tuesday), Booting Content “Like Like” to hit the mining ability of other servers appeared 3. Using Hydra (Hydra) New settlement system “Hydra payment” released

# Transport server content “expedition” unfolded beyond server

From today (5 days), new content “expedition” is introduced to , and the battle between users will further heat.

By “expedition”, users can overcome the boundaries between servers and capture field bosses on transfocal servers. In other words, it is certain that the battle between the expeditionary army and the local player who gather from each server aiming at the field boss is surely expanded.

“Expeditions” will be able to cross a specific server each day, each day, and will be able to get rid of booty and honor through local battle and return to the original server.

# # “Expedition” implemented a number of battles beyond the server to expand

At the same time as the “expedition” publication, “Dimensional Expedition” content is also updated, and users will be able to move to specific hierarchies and magic and uniforms of other servers when joining an expedition.

“Domimase Expedition” will be available when you have a magic or an entrance ticket for the unexplored voucher in an expedition state, but if the expeditioner will use vitality or the expedition time ends. It will be left from the magic and unexode peaks.

In addition, the 19th (Tuesday) expresses the “Wrinkle” Content that destroys “Dark Altar” expeditioned in the Secretery of other servers.

Every day 22-23 o’clock, it is possible to attack the “dark altar” on the fourth floor of each Secretary, and if you destroy the “dark altar” of other servers, you can get rich rewards You can reduce the amount of black iron minced in the server’s secretle and hit the user’s user.

# # Content expansion for high-end users

The magic and uniform peaks are also updated. The Magic and Secret Peaks 7th floor is an area where up to 130 levels of powerful monsters appear, and are made as a new area suitable for challenging users with high combat power.

# # 4/5 Start of new payment system “Hydra Payment”

In addition to this, we published a new settlement system “Hydra payment” using “Hydra (Hydra)” of the game coin from today. HYDRA settlement is implemented within the PC specification in-game shop.

Users can choose from two cash settlements and Hydra settlements, and the price of the product according to the value of the hydra will be updated once a day via the Oracle system built by the Trinity Algorithm. This allows you to maintain balance between PLAYER and EARNER, HOLDER, which emphasizes the Eco system of , and to enjoy the expanded in-game economy.

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Official Site: https://mir4global.com/

# Game Overview

Title name MIR4 (Mill 4) Genre MMORPG Price Basic Free (in-app charge) Official site https://www.mir4global.com [Compatible OS] Mobile version: iOS 13.0 or higher, Android 6.0 or higher, PC version: Windows 7 or higher



Wemade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WEMADE, Headquartered: Korea, Gyeonggi Castle South City, Representative Director: Chan Hyongck) is a PC online game and mobile game development / operation company established on February 10, 2000, “Icarus Online”, developed a number of titles such as “iCarus M” and made a service.
Members having the best development power and service know-how are developing new games to develop new games, and we have continued to make efforts and efforts to provide the best fun to users.

Company Name Wemade Co., Ltd. Established February 10, 2000 Representative Representative Director President and Chang Hyongg Business Description Game Media Content Development and Publishing

Marvel Avengers: Video Overview More Details

Since its inception at E3 earlier this year, Marvel Game Fans wanted to know more about the adaptation of Square Enix to marvel’s Avengers. Thus, to follow up on a long gaming trailer who made his debut at Games com, we finally have more.

A new Game Overview trailer has made its debut on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel this morning, I will give a little more detail about history, as well as what players can expect from this next summer adventure.

It begins with a summary of the story. After a battle in San Francisco, the Avengers end up dissolving after an explosion that left the city in ruins and Captain America (so-called) killed in combat. As a result, a new organization, AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), takes over, promising to protect the country with robotics. However, everything is not like it seems.

Kamala Khan discovers a possible plotted with the company and swear to gather the avengers. Using its incredible physical powers, Kamala goes to a makeshift headquarters (from a destroyed transport helicopter), where what remains of the group is committed to fighting the forces of AIM through several missions (hero and War zone), resuming slowly but surely control.


The game offers a solid solo campaign with several unlocked and premium equipment. There is also a mode of playing with friends in cooperation, although this mode has not yet been revealed. More than probably, we’ll see it earlier next year.

Marvel’s Avengers also offers an upgrade system, where you can use certain powers on your heroes (such as Iron Man’s equipment). The more you will give power to your heroes, the better it will be because the forces of AIM are not about to fall asleep quietly. This includes the benefits, as well.

Things end with some allusions to a new game, highlighting the powers of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, etc. Discover the all below and get ready for Marvel’s Avengers when it will arrive on May 15, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC!

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