The Speedrunning community around Elden Ring can look back at a fascinating time and impressive records since the launch before one and a half: after initially arriving times where players needed two and a half hours to the credection, this number slipped quickly under an hour.

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It did not take long, so you even subbed the 30 minute limit, just to overrupt the new record with less than 25 minutes. But the Speedrunning community defines itself through perfectionism and now two of the largest Speedrunner deliver a spectacular head-to-head race.

Elden Ring in less than 13 minutes and that two times!

One of them is “Mitchriz”, which impressively demonstrated his Speedrunning arts in his Sekiro Runs with blindfoldes. Last Friday he struck Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) in less than 13 minutes, more precisely in 12:32 and use a more than unconventional Glitch , in the clock to one Metronome presses the block button to teleport through the world of the game.

But the competition is not sleeping and only one day later the well-known Speedrunner “Distortion2” published a video in which he also got the credits in Elden Ring also seen in less than 13 minutes. However, he was faster again again 19 seconds and trumped so the recent record of “Mitchriz”.

Also “Distortion2” also uses the bug designated as Zip Glitch, which is teleported by certain blocking through the world of Elden Ring, even if no metronome is heard in his video. The decision difference between the two Runs and the reason for the better time was the very at the end of the game “Mega Zip”, where the Speedrunner can even skip the Final Boss .

However, the ZIP Glitches are only possible if ELDEN ring is running with exactly 60 fps . Because that requires a specific setup and thus not all players is possible, the two speedruns of “Mitchriz” and “Distortion2” are not available to the Any% category, but were provided with the additional name “unrestricted”.

How “Distortion2” reveals in the video description of his Speedrun , but it is also possible to end the game without defeating a single boss. Thus, the scary encounter with Maliketh would be superfluous, which could allow a run of less than 10 minutes according to “Distortion2”. Of course, he has long been working on its implementation, so we must be curious.

WORLD FIRST Sub 13 Elden Ring (Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 12:32 World Record)

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