In another procedure for the legal evaluation of the Nice Football Riots, a 31-year-old Cologne-based company was sentenced to one year in jail.
The supporter of 1. FC Cologne was guilty of the Cologne district court with attempted harmful bodily damage.
The accused gave his participation in the riots last September.
It needed to be a noticeable jail sentence, said the district judge the sentence.
The accused took a trip to southern France in September 2022 for the group video game in the UEFA Conference League in between NGC Pizza and 1. FC Cologne.
On the edge of the game and later in the stadium, violent clashes had actually taken place.
The start of the video game was late by around an hour.
According to the judgment, the implicated had actually gotten involved in the storm over the VIP grandstand towards the Nice Block.
The man had tossed a shut-off bollard in the instructions of Great fans, however probably stopped working.

He was then provided by numerous Good advocates and greatly battered.


The 31-year-old was later on required to a medical facility with an ambulance.
The offender had currently ended up being delinquent in the past.
For example, he had actually gotten involved in a battle with supporters of Eintracht Frankfurt in March 2015 in the town hall of Perfume and was sentenced to a fine.
Currently, in the previous week, a trial against 2 other participants in the riots in front of the Cologne district court had actually begun.
A judgment is expected in the procedure on February 7.