Switch on PlayStation controller, wait until the PS5 has driven up, then push the X button once again to log in to my console with the only profile-that is annoying.
Fortunately, I have actually now discovered a setting in the PS5 menu, which takes among the steps.
When the PS5 starts, ## How you can log in immediately
I confess it: I am among these individuals who actually change off their PS5 totally every evening rather of moving them into standby mode to conserve a bit of electricity-even if that doesn’t make the cabbage exactly fat.
This guarantees that I need to wait a couple of seconds every time my console awakens from her deep sleep once again, however I can live with that.
What goes on the mind each time is that at every start of the console I have to describe once again which profile I actually want to register-although there is only one profile on my PS5.


This is not a big act-a short tapping of the X secret is adequate to validate the currently significant profile selection-this unneeded hold-up still disturbs me.
I was all the more pleased when I discovered a setting in the PS5 system menu, which takes me exactly this annoying step and instantly registers with my profile after starting my PS5:
Changes to the PS5 settings menu.
Scroll down to the point User and accounts.
Now select the menu product Login settings.
Triggers the turn on Automatically log in with PS5.
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The PS5 provides numerous other practical functions.

That’s simply the tip of the iceberg.
In truth, it deserves taking a few minutes for all owners of the PS5 and familiarizing themselves with the alternatives in the system settings.

If you trigger the HDMI device connection, for example, you can save the purchase of the PS5 remote control entirely (source: video game ideas)- even if the convenience function can sometimes cause problems (source: game pointers).
And if you desire to mute your microphone, you don’t have too troublesome to click through the menus.
A short tap of the button on the PS5 controller, which is under the PlayStation logo design, suffices and mention with an orange glow that the mute function is triggered.
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