Hogwarts Legacy will be released on Feuary 7 for those who purchased the deluxe and collector’s versions, in early access and will have its global release on Feuary 10, but only for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.
We at MGG azil have already played the title and took the opportunity to create a list of things you need to know before playing so as not to have unpleasant surprises and improve your gameplay.
Spoiler Alert: The tips below will ing information about things that will happen in the game and elements that have not been revealed in trailers and game plays.
If you don’t want any spoiler, it is better to end the reading here.

Hogwarts Legacy Tips

  • Will take about 30 minutes before you can choose your home
  • You can only use your talent points from a main mission in the Black Forest and will take a while until that happens
  • Talent points will only count from level 5
  • Some spells are only unlocked by secondary missions
  • The number of equipment you can store is short, so sell items that no longer use
  • After purchasing equipment it is permanently in the visual part, even if you sell it
  • Whenever you see a flame icon (Flu dust) approach so that green flames appear, and you unlock the quick trip to that place
  • Many missions are in distant places, so use the Flu powder whenever possible
  • Potions are very important, so have the healing and defense in hand always
  • When fighting creatures, some cannot jump, so you can climb into higher places and throw spells without being hit
  • With strategy and care it is possible to defeat enemies even 10 levels above yours (but not recommended)
  • Always leave Action, Evian and Fire accessible in your sets of spells (you can have up to four), as they are essential to eak different enemies guards
  • Always use reverse, especially in tight environments.
    This will reveal many secrets
  • Seek to focus on secondary missions that give spells such as rewards (just below the description you can see which pole, such as visuals, exp, gold or new learning)
  • You don’t have to worry too much about going back to bedrooms to sleep, as your avatar can do it in many places (sometimes it will be mandatory, but you can usually activate a Time skip in some places to make daytime stay quickly)
  • Listen to NPC conversations, as they reveal things about the game, such as the possibility of using certain items for certain things or enchantments for specific purposes, and commenting things that are happening and are relevant to history

Enjoy Hogwarts

The school is immense, but you will go from the castle regularly to Hogsmeade or to villages to the south, as well as exploring many dungeons with other troublemakers.
Still, the school is full of secrets, and you will need to learn all the spells to interact with everything it can make available.


The graphics of the game are beautiful, but don’t expect something astounding‚Ķ In fact, the game runs away from the realism and often ings features and scenarios that seem to have come out of a drawing or directly from a book.
Of course this will depend on your platform and graphic mode.
Hogwarts Legacy has beautiful graphics and charming places, as well as a soundtrack that will involve you in the story.
But the strong point gets the story that is exciting from the beginning and always ings new things that may interest the player.