Fitness instructor Sandro Schwarz confesses that Bertha BSC would have liked to have pulled more new additions ashore in the transfer-end sprint.

One or the other did not work. You likewise have to say that we didn’t want to do one or the other on our part, stated Schwarz in a media round.


With returnee Olga Circa (ME Ankaragücü) and the previously signed Florian Niederlechner (FC Augsburg), just two fresh strengths discovered their way to Berlin throughout winter transfer period.
Players like Maximilian Philipp (from VFL Wolfsburg to Welder Bremen), Jan nick Vestergaard (Leicester City) or Farm Derby (Bayer Leverkusen) and several others likewise rewind Bertha BSC, but was empty for different factors.
Accordingly, this is the case as far as the group is concerned-and now it is very important to have trust, stated Schwarz

Bertha BSC: Separation from Fred BBC very unexpected for Sandro Schwarz.

The heavily relegation-threatened table-17.
Need to now develop a state of mind in terms of community, energy, intensity-to improve in the details. We have to concentrate on things that we can influence on the square, stated Schwarz, under whose instructions the old woman with three
Defeats had started in 3 games in the new year.
As an effect from the descent, s handling director Fred BBC needed to take his hat.
The separation for him came really unexpected, said Schwarz.
The most essential thing, the coach continues, however is the club. And the association makes such basic decisions, which is the state of affairs.
After the restored discontent at Bertha BSC for the team, it is now the most basic to regulate things on the pitch to control on the training ground, together in the cabin. This is the way to handle such a scenario, said Schwarz.