Without coach Andrea Trencher, FC Bayern’s basketball players have actually also lost the 2nd video game on their Spain tour.
In the Euro league duel at FC Barcelona, the Bundesliga club from Munich had 70:72 (33:34), Trencher was missing out on at brief notice due to a grieving in the household.
In Paley Flagrant, responsibility on the side line Adriano Vertebrate, the assistant coach of his Italian compatriot Trencher saw an amazing video game.


In the middle of the last quarter, Barça opted for the very first time with ten points (61: 51/34. Minute) prior to the visitors around top scorer Nick Weiler-Babb (15 points) shortened and then approved (70:70.
/ 39.).
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FCB: bankruptcy at the start of the Spanish Week.

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    Cory Higgins scored 21 seconds prior to completion for 72:70 for the Catalans, Ogden Faramarz plainly over the trial effort to win the trial for the possible Bayern triumph.
    After the 14th defeat in the 23rd video game of the season, individuals of Munich continue to stand in the lower third of the table.
    The German runner-up at Valencia Basket had lost on Tuesday (73:82).