AIS NO GAMES announced on the 21st that it will add a new event episode to add beautiful dreams and carry out various events to the subculture game mechanisms that are developed and serviced by the company.

In this update, new episodes will show rich fun, including beautiful dreams, events, two new characters, and pickup events.
First, the new event episode beautiful dreams are the content that chases the hidden conspiracy after chasing the prisoner, and you can enjoy the stories of the prisoners by sequentially divided into various plots.

In addition, if you will hold a shadow event hidden in your dreams until January 3rd, and complete the wrong picture within a fixed time, you will receive a limited frame summer day’s dream and resource rewards.

In addition, new prisoners NACA and scenes have been added, and the hidden stories of the two prisoners also appear in the interrogation scenario.

In commemoration of the launch of the new prisoner, the Sakha event pickup will be opened, and the probability of arresting Sakha characters increases.

In addition, in order to chase the shadow of the event stage suspect, you can experience the ability and battle of the two prisoners in advance, and provide cubes as a reward when clearing.
The new prisoner skin has a morning sunshine of irina 3-star Skin Beach and a dessert of Lorena 2-star Skin Beach.


For more information about this update of the arms, you can find it through the official café.