If you’ve been playing FIFA 23 Career Mode lately, you know that it can be a tricky game to maneuver. With so many elements to consider when creating your team and managing your squad, it can be tough to make all the right decisions. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to sign free agents in FIFA 23 Career Mode! From understanding the bidding process to finding out how much money you should be offering players, this guide will help you get the most out of your team and bring in the best players for your squad.

FIFA 23 Career Mode has actually had a rollercoaster start to life with some calling it the finest, however others calling it the worst.

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Something we do understand is that the long-lasting power of Free Agents will constantly remain, and we’ve got you covered regarding how you can sign them below.

How to sign Free Agents in FIFA 23

The only costing associated with signing a free agent is their wage and any signing-on fee/bonus they ask for in agreement negotiations.

Signing Free Agents in FIFA 23 is extremely basic and can lead to some extraordinary outcomes for your group.


Free Agents are gamers unattached from a club and boast a value of ₤ 0.

These are the easy actions to assist you sign a complimentary agent in FIFA 23:

  1. Navigate to the transfer search area of the Profession Mode UI.
  2. Under ‘Transfer Status’, alter the toggle to ‘Free Agents’
  3. Scan the Free Representative market and add your desired gamer to your shortlist
  4. Navigate your shortlist and enter into agreement settlements with your desired totally free representative
  5. Settle on a wage and any signing-on/bonus

It’s as simple as that.

What is a ‘Complimentary Agent’ in Profession Mode?

A Free Agent is a player who is currently not signed with a club, so is eligible to sign with other clubs right away.

This indicates you can sign a Free Representative for no transfer fee in Profession Mode.

Constantly watch out in the Free Representative section of the transfer market, as you can find some real gems therein, and if you don’t act quick, another club will!

Though Free Agents won’t cost you a single cent to you’ll and sign have access to them immediately, you need to keep an eye on your wage costs as some players come with large needs.