This week, Bungee made a major announcement regarding their future plans for the Destiny franchise. They revealed that they have been searching for new talent to help develop their upcoming Valorant game, and that this could mean the end of the Destiny series. Read on to find out more about Bungee’s plans and what it means to Destiny fans and gamers alike.

This week we got the message that the developers of Bungee enter search of reinforcements with suitable job advertisements.
As has been read in the meantime in the meanwhile modified task advertisements, potential customers will work on an unspecified bungee task based on the in-house tiger engine.
In addition, it was announced that Bungee can look forward to prominent supports.
So Joe Ziegler chose to leave Riot Games after more than twelve years and to join the Destiny maker.
Ziegler not only served as a video game director of Valorant.
Instead, he is thought about a creative head behind the underlying game idea, which in the first year after the release attracted around 14 million gamers.


Ziegler says farewell to Riot Games

Hey together, I wanted to let you know that after twelve excellent years I would be my recently at Riot, said Ziegler via Twitter.

I bid farewell with a heart loaded with gratitude for Riot Games and all of you for the excellent memories that we shared with each other.
A short time later, Ziegler confirmed his transfer to Bungee, where he will deal with a new and previously not more comprehensive task: I am happy to be able to announce that my new home is at Bungee where brand-new things are being worked on
Hopefully one day all of you can be played.
The fact that Ziegler has been dedicated to among the leading heads behind Valorant recommends that Bungee is dealing with another multiplayer job after the 2 Destiny adventures.
Far, nothing has been confirmed.
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