One of the worst League of Legends skills is the W of Blitz crank.

This spell gives a speed boost to the hook champion, but it is true that as the latter progress and that speed ends, the champion loses that speed and slows down for a few seconds.
For the first time in a long time, the mains of this character have found a very interesting utility to this ability and that combines perfectly with one of the new preseason items.
The slowdown of the character allows the accumulations of JAK’ho, the protein, until the slowdown concludes.
The passive of the object accumulates for every second in combat up to eight times.
Each accumulation gives the champion that it has two points of additional armor and magical resistance for six seconds.
Blitz crank does not need to enter combat to accumulate JAK’ho, as we show in the video that we will link below that he has published in his Hex tech Lab networks.

Diego, another champion to take into account the JAK’ho

Another of the spotlights in which you have to pay attention to this video that we have published above is with Diego.
The ruined king is a true headache at the time when rival souls take, and if one of the members of the rival team has the aforementioned object, he will load the marks of the passive until they end his life.
In theory, it must be a bug, but if the one who has the JAK’HH is Iago himself, this construction is wrong, since by absorbing souls of enemy champions, you will have to hit them again so that this object accumulates all the loads
of his passive.
It is true that this object is not being seen so much in the ruined king, but if there is someone who wants to make flourishes and invent, that is not the item you are looking for to work for you as optimal as possible.