Jörg Wolfram reports from Qatar
This is a sentence: We won bronze, however the medal glitters like gold, stated croatian national coach Plato Dali after the 2-1 in the game for 3rd place against Morocco.
Four years earlier, he and his team took second location behind France at the World Cup in Russia.
We are among the best three teams worldwide once again. This evening today is the most psychological minute, we live and train for that. It is the end of a journey, a long method, said the 56-year-old.
But the coach only suggested the trip through this World Cup tournament.
Croatia doesn’t have to stress over the future of his national team, even if it was the last world championship for some of my gamers: We do not need to hesitate of the future.
And he pressed after: Croatia has remarkable prospects. It is rather true. In the summer of 2023, his group plays the final 4 of the Nations League.

is Guardiola even the very best young player of the World Cup?

In truth: With the Leipzig main defender Joke Guardiola, the coach, whose agreement is still running till 2024, has a hope that was one of the very best protector of the tournament.
Was he even the finest young gamer of the World Cup?
He should definitely be on the list, stated the coach.
Guardiola himself, who had taken the lead for the Croats early in the video game, did not desire to applaud himself, a personal award was not so important to him, said the 20-year-old.
It is much more important: We did a return after the defeat against Argentina. And we desired this bronze medal.
Ergo can now be commemorated with a calm conscience.


Versus Argentina and old master Lionel Messi, the protector had actually paid tuition prior to the third objective when the 35-year-old had practically poured him through the entire Croatian half before he then put it on goal SCOR Julian Alvarez.
Hooked off, I don’t wish to discuss the semi-finals anymore, said Guardiola.

Madrid continues

The second 3rd location after 1998 was commemorated. The delight about it was still noted on the lawn of the Khalifa International Stadium.
The young boys like Guardiola or his main defender Josie Stall from Dynamo Zagreb or right-back Josie Statistic from Bayern Munich.
Likewise, the golden generation around captain Luka Modrić cheered, together with the children in their arms.
Everyone commemorated together, Dali ought to later speak of a big family.
And especially for the old such as Madrid, Damage Vida, Dean Loren, Marcelo Robotic or Ivan Perišić, who had actually struck the help in the last 4 years earlier and now gave the help, ES-Ernut-a psychological matter.
The 37-year-old Madrid even stressed after his 162nd worldwide match: It would be meaningless now.
Way: The permanent runner continues.

Guardiola jokes and goes

Therefore they all beamed at the medal around the neck, with the gold confetti.
How had Dali stated right now?
Bronze resembles gold for us.
Guardiola was even joking.
When asked about the nasty of the Moroccan Sofia Arafat in the 76th minute, which despite video evidence had not caused a penalty, he stated with a smile and with a view of his facial mask after a damaged nose, which he had suffered prior to the World Cup in the Bundesliga game versus Freiburg
: I could not see it well.
And anyhow: I am a defender, apparently I don’t understand how to fall.
Said it, smiled and went.
He had said it: Now the party is being celebrated.

We are among the finest three teams in the world once again. This evening today is the most emotional moment, we train and live for that. It is the end of a journey, a long method, stated the 56-year-old.

It is rather real. In the summer of 2023, his group plays the last Four of the Nations League.