The cooperation of My Hero Academia has arrived in Fortnite, and you can participate in various quests, acquire new cosmetic objects and even experience a unique creative map.
In the official trailer, a melting chorus was shown, and you need to know how to get this tool for harvesting in the game.
Here’s how to get the ALL Might Kirk in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How many Breaks do you need to buy a marsh maker in Fortnite?

The Almighty Kirk is called all the attacks in the game, and it can be purchased separately for 500 Breaks from the store.
You can also purchase a omnipotent set for 2200 Breaks that contains five items, including an almighty suit.
The SMITE harvesting tool has an unusual rarity, and its design looks just like that of a popular character from My Hero Academia.
There are also three other tools for gathering the Hero Academia crop, which can be purchased separately or purchase a set of class 1-a equipment.
The cost of the Black whip Ax, Gravity Smasher, Cluster Buster 800 Borax Each, and they are available separately in the items store.

After buying an ALL SMITE harvesting tool, equip it on the Locker tab and plunge into the royal battle.
You can perform My Hero Academia quests, which will be available over the next few weeks.


Each of these quests gives 20,000 XP, which allows you to quickly go through a combat pass.
A new mythical weapon, Debut Smash, which causes crushing damage to enemies and buildings, has been added to the game.
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