As snow falls all over the country, the winter is starting in earnest.
The last week seems to have been quite warm, but Korea, which has a distinction between the four seasons, is changing quickly so that it is hard to find spring autumn.

At the same time, a charity businessman Santa Claus (~~ Parent ~~) prepares a customized gift and blinks the decoration, doll, and blinking of the stars to keep the children’s concentric at the same time.
There is only a long time since the running tree embraces the street.
Christmas, one of the world’s largest holidays.


What is the most important thing for the coming Christmas soon?
Someone may have a warm dinner with family and lovers in a good space, or a Christmas party with friends for decades, but I think it’s also important for me.

Of course, the place to be with the meaningful people just talked is also important, but in the case of me, if a gift for himself is missing, the heart will be regretted, and it is difficult to start 2023 with a new heart.
~~ It’s hard to make excuses. ~~

In addition, I am not a child, but I am not interested in sweet snacks that are likely to rot by big bear dolls.
I don’t know if it’s a high-performance gaming gear with a flashing RGB.
Equipment like keyboards, mice and headsets.

If you look at the gaming gear that comes to the algorithm these days, the desire to buy is also burned, and you can see a lot of gaming.
Among them, the gaming gear brand is HP’s gaming gear brand hyper.
Hyper X is expanding its position in the market by expanding the gaming gear product line to Image (keyboard, mouse, headset), microphone and gaming monitors.

Naturally, the gifts they give to me are great for a long and big monitor on both sides, such as graphics cards or CPUs, but the wallets of beginners are still not so green.
As a result, there is a peripheral device that can be chosen from the lines where you can compromise and compromise, and hyper X products, which are attracted to high performance, are noticeable.
Let’s check by product line.

From full arrangements to Tennis and poker arrangements!

If you haven’t used it, it’s a keyboard that many people are using.
It’s one of the peripherals that can’t be done when playing games, surfing the web, and when I’m looking at work like me now.

And on my own, I think this keyboard is the most tender peripheral.

Even if you don’t care, you can say that it is a field where you can feel it even if you change a little from the key pressure to be pressed to the tall pressure to the sound of the tall.

The hyper-X keyboard is certainly a mechanical keyboard that is satisfied with a reasonable price, which is a good price, which is not anywhere in the overall price.
Even if you don’t have much interest in the keyboard, Karin, who just entered the keyboard, is right.

Among them, alloy lineup.
It can be inferred by the name, but it is a lineup that uses the aircraft-grade aluminum housing.
Naturally, when you think about all keyboards and high-end levels, it will be difficult to follow the feeling of the full-aluminum housing, but it’s definitely one of the keyboard lineups.

In the hyper-X ally lineup, we have a wide range of products from the full-grilled number pads to the number pads we commonly know, the appropriate size Tennis with the numbered pads, and the 60 arrays that can be slightly divided into the enthusiasts and poker arrangements with 65 arrays.

If you want to use it appropriately, you will not be able to adapt to users who think that full arrangements or Tennis, ‘I am special’ and ‘the peripheral design is a design’, but it is not easy to adapt.
Personally, it looks good for mental health to have a design and agreement with a 65 array.

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‘Algal Cut sen’ keyboard!
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Pulse Fire series with light, performance

If the mouse is missing from the peripheral device, it is absurd.
Do you want to say Kiara?
The mouse is also one of the quite a lot of hands.
In recent years, the light weight and optical sensors with various new technologies have been performed with good performance.

Among them, hyper X Pulse Fire Best is indispensable.
Pulse Fire Hast, which can be organized with one word, adopts a light weight of 59g and a honeycomb shell structure that is transmitted by the body to maintain comfort even if you use it for a long time.
In addition, it is equipped with a pix art 3335 sensors like a gaming mouse to guarantee gaming performance to some extent.

In addition, you can also find a mouse optimized for gaming for the game.
The protagonist is a hyper X Pulse Fire Raid Gaming Mouse.
This mouse, which seems to have to be raided from the name, can be used by setting a total of 11 keys by combining both sides and wheel clicks.
Theoretically, if you only cook in your hands, you can play the game.
Of course, if you are not good at posture, it can be a trick if you have a lot of raids.

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Headset and earphones
From Cloud Stinger 2, which is perfect for introductory, to ISBN’s wireless gaming TWS

The weather is definitely cold these days, so the headset is tired.
It’s warm, so you can listen to music there.

Among them, the recent headset from Hyper X keeps hovering on my head.
The high-end was too burdensome and the right sound quality of the good quality headset.
The hyper cloud Stinger 2 headset, which was released about a month ago, looks good.

The exterior looks like a high-end product, but in fact, it is a priced headset that has seen some compromise.
It is equipped with a 50 mm neodymium driver to play proper sound quality and even noise-canceling microphones.
Each function was also packed.
In addition, it is made in the over-ear method, so the leather cushion is completely covered with the ear, so I don’t worry about warming.

In addition, no matter how good the headset is, the nature of the headset that covers the ear, it may be difficult to use comfortably in the hot summer, and it can be a frustrating element for someone.
This can also be solved with a hyper X product.
Hyper’s gaming TWS, Cloud Mix Buds.

It is not a problem when playing games in low-latency, and it can be easily connected to 2.4GHz dongle on a PC or other platform, showing good connectivity and compatibility.
It is also quite useful because it can be used when you go out or listen to music.

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Three brothers of hyper capacitor that can be picked up according to your taste!

‘Do you need a microphone?
걍 You can use it in the headset. ‘

One of the most difficult devices to be able to feel is microphone until the use.
When playing games, it is also a microphone if you play a competitive game through voice chat, or if you are a steam game day with your friends on weekends.
In the case of the acquaintance mentioned above, I used to use the microphone attached to the headset.

Afterwards, I changed to a capacitor microphone with a suitable direction pattern, and no matter how small, even if I call a bit of box with a snort, it is definitely in the masturbation surface, so it takes good communication because it is different from the method of accepting the sound compared to the general headset microphone.
~~ Edition-not ~~

If you are thinking about the capacitor microphone, if you are thinking about a product that has a good performance for a pretty design, remember the three brothers of the hyper condenser microphone.
Only a single-oriented pattern is supported, but it is a duo cast that supports two types, ranging from the youngest solo cast to show off enough performance and high cost-effective ratio, to a single-oriented and all-direction pattern, and four flavors (single-oriented / entire / two-way direction
/ Stereo) You can use all the patterns to high end quad cast S without recording.

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After all, there’s nothing like a gift

In my case, I feel more than a time when I have time to sit in front of my computer, whether it’s a work or a game after work, after work, even after work.
Not all, but some Ben users who like the game more than anyone think some will sympathize.

A large and priced expensive gift is a gift for you.
It is more like that if you are a beginner.
Of course, it will not remain if you take it out of this, but it will not be bad if you compromise as a gaming peripheral that can take care of both cost and feelings.

Hyper gaming peripherals, which are divided into moderate performance, price ratio, and various products.
Why don’t you give me a gift for me that’s a year of Christmas?