The search to create a portal where the games of a company are all in the same place has been a very recurring theme, since the creation of the Riot Games client we saw a unification within the content of the same brand that intends to give a better approach to
Each of the players who enjoy them but also look for something else for spectators.

Riot Mobile is an application created to allow the public to live with others that see the transmissions of their favorite games, it was created to connect and provide the best content to the community of Riot Games in one place, it arrives with improvements
and new functions that will make it much more attractive to its frequent use.
The first major novelty is the function that allows us to see Streamers who are transmitting Riot Games on Twitch, directly in the application of Riot Mobile.
With this function you can find and see your favorite streamers of the community in the same place.
On the other hand, listening to the user’s request, the chat design and the list of friends were improved, optimizing their performance and making their use easier.
In addition, in the eSports section this year they made a complete renewal including more content and games, of which you can see from the game calendar to see the repetitions of the same

What is coming in Riot Mobile?

More games mean more reasons for people to come to Riot Mobile.
That is why we want to make sure that the content you receive coincides with the games and experiences you enjoy personally.
In the coming months, you will see that your news better reflect your interests in terms of games and esports, as we implement personalized news based on your game styles and your participation.


Without a doubt, this application becomes a watershed within the platforms because it is focused only on the content of the company but has the possibility of showing creators of games content of the same, with some changes that have been made
Throughout the year to give a better experience to each of the users who arrive at the platform.