The case of Ezra Miller continues to evolve.
After a couple of months in silence, a trial was recently held where the actor is accused of robbery with purple search.
In this case, Miller declared himself not guilty, so he now faces a 26-year sentence in jail.
According to Deadline, Miller faces up to 26 years in prison and more than two thousand dollars in fines if he is found guilty.
For those who do not remember, the actor was accused at the beginning of the year of stealing three bottles of alcohol of the pantry of one of his neighbors.
Because he was ordered to stay away from his neighbor, Isaac Winker, whose house supposedly entered the actor, and Vermont resident, Aiden Early, Miller did not physically attend his judgment.
According to the actor’s release conditions, this includes having contact with people in writing, by telephone or through a third party.
Now we just have to wait and see how this case evolves.

In related issues, these are Ezra Miller’s statements about theft.
Similarly, the actor asks for forgiveness.
Editor’s note:
Considering that we are talking about a renowned actor, it is very likely that his prison sentence is not so great.


While the possibility of spending time after bars is not ruled out, it will not be 26 years.
Via: Deadline