Bungee said in the Destiny Guardians that the free event dawn of the game that can share joy with all the guardians has begun today.


In order to help the guardians bake delicious snacks with mysterious ingredients, they return to the Tower of Eva Lava, and will be able to share delicious snacks to colleagues throughout the planet by participating in the dawn event by January 3rd.

In this year’s dawn, a new event card will appear to complete the challenge for unlocking compensation such as patterns, pigments, and wind ghosts.
You can also upgrade your cards using silver, and unlock additional rewards such as ghost, phonics, and new emotions.
Guardians who have completed all event card challenges can also obtain a ‘popular baker’ seal and title.

You can also find the material more easily by winning snow struggles with the injected eye struggle and acquiring a new legendary wave rifle that lasts the cooler PR7.
During the event, Ever bus stores can buy several dawn-themed decorations, including new armor decoration sets for each job.
In addition, through the moment of Seraph Season’s achievements, you can look back on the year, commemorate the victory and prepare for the next Destiny Guardians expansion.
The fall of light will be released on March 1 next year.

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