The game starts with an epic scene: You sneak into Chuck Norris’s mansion and grab his most precious possession. A few seconds later, you hear a sound behind you and the screen fades to black. You wake up in the middle of the desert and from then on, you are on your own.

During this year’s The Game Awards 2022, the action title Criminal activity Employer: Rocky City from Publisher 505 Games was revealed.
In the Reveal Trailer it is currently clear what the big plus points of the game ought to be and what we can anticipate from the gameplay that reminds us of GTA at.

Criminal Activity Employer: Rocky City has GTA-Vibes

Why is?
In Crime Manager: Rocky City we will perform break-ins and murders.
To do this, we need to sneak through the buildings and make sure to get to the fat victim or to clear our target individual out of the method.
The objective objectives also consist of, for instance, that we turn off alarm systems or get secrets.
With the help of self-made bombs, we can spray the way to the safes.
Pistols are offered for the attack.
The PV Eco-op multiplayer mode can be experienced with as much as three other players.
The objectives can also be mastered on their own if you can’t drum such a huge team together or choose to play the video game alone.


You can see the reveal trailer here:

plays together with Hollywood stars of the 90s

The title plays in a fictional Florida of the 90s.
And as it should be for a gangster setting of the 90s, top-class actors will be represented in the game who were very popular at the time.
The Hollywood greats are all represented in Crime Employer: Rocky City as a more youthful variation.
The following Hollywood legends appear in Criminal offense Boss: Rocky City:
Michael Madsen (Tank Dogs, Eliminate Expense).
Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile).
Michael Booker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead).
Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon).
Danny Trejo (from Sunset Till Dawn, Machete).
Vanilla Ice (Ice Child).
Chuck Norris (jokes and memes).
We ourselves do not slip into the function of the stars, but into that of Travis Baker.
He put it in his head to become the brand-new King of Rocky City.
And we assist him attain his objective.
When does Crime Employer appear: Rocky City?
The title will be released exclusively in the Impressive Games Shop for PC on March 28, 2023.
The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version ought to be submitted later.
But when exactly that will hold true is not understood.

What do you think about Crime Boss: Rocky City?