The November figures on Twitch have been the lowest since 2020. Given that situation, the alarm voices have shot and many have tried to uncover the concrete reons for this decree.
In that search for answers, some have blamed it for the amount of ads that have been seen during streaming.
IAI Llanos, meanwhile, does not believe that it is due to a single cause.
According to his words, the ads may have had something to do, but Llanos h argued that it is a mixture of everything and that the figures have been unreal:
Let’s see, I w seeing the debate on Twitch a little.
There were many people who said it w for the ads.


I am friends, I think it’s a mixture of everything.
I think that obviously on Twitch we were with figures that were not real, and I think we were not aware.
That every day there were 50,000, 60,000 people seemed normal to us.
70,000, 100,000… and it w like, well, one more day on Twitch.
It w a time when Twitch w very swollen.

IAI makes eyes to YouTube

The great streamers are discussed between continuing on Twitch or signing with YouTube.

In the specific ce of IAI Llanos, there is still no clear response, although the creator of Bque content h dropped that he h already decided what his destiny will be.
In recent statements, he explained his position regarding Google’s company: It is a channel where I have almost 10 million people, I know that many of you also see me on YouTube.
Llano admits that a twitch streaming platform it is superior, but points out that YouTube is better known.
He h made the decision bed on what each one pays into account the money that each one pays: I know where I will Premier in the coming years, he said.