There are many gifts to choose from, even if you narrow the choice until a certain interest. That is why we made a list of the best gifts for fans of the popular game Farming Simulator. We also found time to recommend some ideas for common objects related to the simulation of agriculture.


Best gifts for fans Farming Simulator

If you know that your friend or loved one likes to play the official game Farming Simulator, we have several specific offers for you to check! You can be sure that the person you know for whom you buy plays this game, as this can confuse Farming Simulator and the genre of the game-gaming of the farm.

T-shirt with the Farming Simulator logo

You really are not mistaken with a simple T-shirt when you buy goods for another person. This shirt is approved directly by the creators of Farming Simulator, so you can expect that it will be excellent, simple merch. There are several colors and sizes to choose from, which gives you enough space to personalize this important piece of clothing FS. However, make sure you know the size of the alleged person! If you doubt, be sure to increase the size and check the size table attached to the product web page.

Simulator Farm poses

The search for something is budget, small and bizarre? Then do not look for anything but Farming Simulator pop socket. Designed for mobile devices, Pop sockets help reduce the load on the fingers and arms that occurs with prolonged holding of the devices. It can also help people not drop their devices. So, you have a useful and aesthetically pleasant gift, all in one! You do not need to worry about what type of phone or mobile device they have, since pop sockets work everywhere.

spiral notebook FS22

Many Farming Simulator players are familiar with how difficult the mechanic can become, especially the number of complex tasks that must be performed during a regular session. That is why a notebook can be a practical subject for real gamers. They can use this book to record reminders, track long-term goals and do everything that simplifies their game. Make a gift less boring by buying it with the cover of the game on the front side! This is a great ordinary gift, but it can also be the perfect stuffing for stockings.

The best gift for players in Farming Simulation

Do you buy someone who, how vaguely know, plays games in the genre of the farm simulator? Or maybe they play many farm simulators. Be that as it may, we saw the need to recommend gifts for this wider circle of interests. These gifts are especially perfect if you do not feel confident enough to get a very personal gift for the recipient.

Gift Map Steam

You can really get any game gift card, but we have chosen Steam for a certain reason. This is because we noticed that many games-fares play mainly on the PC. If you have a secret Santa or a similar impersonal gift, a gift card is always a good choice. Given that your player may have different tastes, also consider gift cards for Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation or even for mobile devices (Apple and Google). Just try to make sure that the recipient has a computer on which he plays, at least sometimes.

Chicken plush

Your recipient is a child, a young soul, or just loves charming trinkets? If so, think about giving them this cute scarecrow from chicken. Since they spend a lot of time playing the farm simulators, they probably regularly face digital chickens. Think about it how to give a talisman for your game sessions! It is also useful as a gift, since it deviates from the specific, which makes it perfect if you are not sure of the level of their interest in farm games.


This record may seem strange at first glance, but it will surely become a thoughtful gift for many gamers who are fond of digital farm. Many Farm Simulators (Animal Crossing, Star dew Valley, Harvested, etc.) rely on the player to perform various tasks in the compressed period of time of day. Perhaps they will even have to plan actions a few days ahead to make sure that they optimize their games. For this reason, the planner can be a useful tool for organizing thoughts. Such a gift can also be appropriate for more professional conditions, such as a workplace or school.

enameled mug with field flowers

Fans of farm simulators who want something more complicated than ordinary shirts or plush toys, think about giving them this elegant mug with field flowers. It includes several plants in a timeless and realistic artistic style. Gamers who also love the aesthetics of a country house that have become popular on the Internet in recent years will also like this gift. While manual washing is not suitable for microwave ovens, you cannot surpass the magnificent design of this circle. Despite the fact that this gift is intended for women, consider it for any recipient who loves farm games and uses circles.

blanket with a crust print

Many gamers spend hours on their sofas, beds or chairs, playing games. Why not give them a blanket for additional comfort during the game? We decided to do everything possible and also offer a plaid with a simple (but pretty) pattern of the cow’s print. This will give your gift a small touch to agriculture, which will turn it from an ordinary gift into something more niche and thoughtful. The best thing in this gift is its versatility, so this is our number one recommendation. If you do not know the preferences of the Gamer-Simulator of the farm in your life.

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