Callisto Protocol emphasizes its horror with high-intensity battles with bosses. Unfortunately, many of these bosses are used, for example, a two-headed abomination. The knowledge of what to do at subsequent meetings does not necessarily facilitate the task, since the battles with the bosses in the Callisto Protocol are cruel. But knowing is half the battle. So, this is how to kill, perhaps, the most annoying boss in the Callisto Protocol.

every battle of two goals in the Callisto Protocol

First meeting

The first clash with two-headed is certainly the simplest, but this does not mean that it will be easy for you to cope with it. Most likely, you already have few cartridges and health from the previous swarm. There are some tips to combat the two-headed:

  1. GRP does not work on it.
  2. He beats like a fled train. Even with full health, two blows from it will kill you.
  3. Do not try to attack him in close combat, as the hatbox is shaky, and he almost always counterattacks with his own punishing attack.

To survive in this battle, you need to cope with the collision in front of him. You will have access to the 3D printer in advance. Make as much ammunition as possible for any weapon that you have. There will be a lot of GRP batteries on the platform. Grab enemies when they climb the platform and shoot them from the side of the GRP. Avoid traditional battles at all costs, since you will need these resources for the two-headed.

When the double-headed appears, hold on to the distance and shoot him from your weapon. You will not see how he gets damage until he switches to the next phase. This is noted by the fact that the two-headed knees, allowing you to beat him with a club. After a sufficient number of blows, the two-headed will stand and tear off half of his body. The second phase of the battle will take place in the same way as the first. Hold on at a distance and pump up ammunition into an abomination.

the second meeting

Your second move with two-headed will be almost identical to the first. This time with the company. The battle, in fact, is played in the same way, but you must maintain some distance between the two-headed and other enemies. Kill them as quickly as possible, since the two-headed is surprisingly fast and will be on you before you notice it. Boxes with supplies will be scattered throughout the arena. Continue to move when you are trying to choose them. If you miss this, continue to move. Make circular movements as necessary, but do not stop.

Third meeting

The third clash is almost identical to the second, except that it occurs in a much closer space. Continue to cocked two-headed, hold on to a sufficient distance between him and yourself and drop everything that you have into it.

Fourth meeting

The fourth and, fortunately, the last meeting with the two-headed decides to do everything possible. He comes with friends again, but friends are creeping boomers. Use this in your interests, grab them with fiberglass and throw them back into the face to two-headed to suppress it forever.

For more information about the Callisto Protocol, see what to do with the energy converters in the Callisto Protocol here, in the guidelines for games for professionals.