War zone 2.0 continues the tendency to allow players to bring their personalized weapons to the battlefield to secure those real victories. A weapon, in particular, is working very well for players around the world, and that weapon is the RPK light machine gun. Are you looking for the coveted real victory? This is what you need to know about the best construction for Pass as the best RPK equipment to get many victories in War zone 2.0.

What is the best RPK compilation in War zone 2?

Image source: Infinity Ward through

Courtesy of the Streamer of Twitch and frequent winner of many War zone games, Symphony has created a solid configuration for the RPK. Your attachments are:

  • Rear grip: Demo-X2 handle
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High speed
  • Under the cannon: etc ranter 56
  • Local: ZLR Garry 5

While the management and mobility of this RPK configuration are not the best, it includes a lot of damage, rounds to shoot and first level control statistics to compensate for it.

The best RPK load in War zone

Image source: Infinity Ward through

When it comes to the best RPK load, the previous configuration gives you the best investment, since the spectrum package is possibly one of the best benefit packages to execute, and the RPK allows you to maximize perfectly. Of course, at the head of this equipment is the RPK construction mentioned above.

This is subjective depending on what you prefer, since I prefer to have a knife like my secondary to be able to collect any secondary on the march. If you are not interested in running the Specter package, the weapons specialist package gives you Overkill to pack a secondary weapon. From there, choosing a short-range strong weapon such as Eichmann SMG is an excellent way to punish any close confrontation.


That is all you need to know about the best compilation and RPK load to run on War zone 2.0. Next, you will find a lot of related content to help you conquer the battlefield, such as the best SMG, the best guns or the best benefit package to run on War zone 2.0.

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