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Mizaris Midos Beautiful Dreams Event Episode Finally Arrives

AIS NO GAMES announced on the 21st that it will add a new event episode to add beautiful dreams and carry out various events to the subculture game mechanisms that are developed and serviced by the company.

In this update, new episodes will show rich fun, including beautiful dreams, events, two new characters, and pickup events.
First, the new event episode beautiful dreams are the content that chases the hidden conspiracy after chasing the prisoner, and you can enjoy the stories of the prisoners by sequentially divided into various plots.

In addition, if you will hold a shadow event hidden in your dreams until January 3rd, and complete the wrong picture within a fixed time, you will receive a limited frame summer day’s dream and resource rewards.

In addition, new prisoners NACA and scenes have been added, and the hidden stories of the two prisoners also appear in the interrogation scenario.

In commemoration of the launch of the new prisoner, the Sakha event pickup will be opened, and the probability of arresting Sakha characters increases.

In addition, in order to chase the shadow of the event stage suspect, you can experience the ability and battle of the two prisoners in advance, and provide cubes as a reward when clearing.
The new prisoner skin has a morning sunshine of irina 3-star Skin Beach and a dessert of Lorena 2-star Skin Beach.


For more information about this update of the arms, you can find it through the official café.

Bungie: Director of Valorant closes the Destiny. This week we got the message that the developers of Bungie with appropriate job

This week, Bungee made a major announcement regarding their future plans for the Destiny franchise. They revealed that they have been searching for new talent to help develop their upcoming Valorant game, and that this could mean the end of the Destiny series. Read on to find out more about Bungee’s plans and what it means to Destiny fans and gamers alike.

This week we got the message that the developers of Bungee enter search of reinforcements with suitable job advertisements.
As has been read in the meantime in the meanwhile modified task advertisements, potential customers will work on an unspecified bungee task based on the in-house tiger engine.
In addition, it was announced that Bungee can look forward to prominent supports.
So Joe Ziegler chose to leave Riot Games after more than twelve years and to join the Destiny maker.
Ziegler not only served as a video game director of Valorant.
Instead, he is thought about a creative head behind the underlying game idea, which in the first year after the release attracted around 14 million gamers.


Ziegler says farewell to Riot Games

Hey together, I wanted to let you know that after twelve excellent years I would be my recently at Riot, said Ziegler via Twitter.

I bid farewell with a heart loaded with gratitude for Riot Games and all of you for the excellent memories that we shared with each other.
A short time later, Ziegler confirmed his transfer to Bungee, where he will deal with a new and previously not more comprehensive task: I am happy to be able to announce that my new home is at Bungee where brand-new things are being worked on
Hopefully one day all of you can be played.
The fact that Ziegler has been dedicated to among the leading heads behind Valorant recommends that Bungee is dealing with another multiplayer job after the 2 Destiny adventures.
Far, nothing has been confirmed.
Additional reports on Bungee.

How to Sign Free Agents in FIFA 23 Career Mode

If you’ve been playing FIFA 23 Career Mode lately, you know that it can be a tricky game to maneuver. With so many elements to consider when creating your team and managing your squad, it can be tough to make all the right decisions. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to sign free agents in FIFA 23 Career Mode! From understanding the bidding process to finding out how much money you should be offering players, this guide will help you get the most out of your team and bring in the best players for your squad.

FIFA 23 Career Mode has actually had a rollercoaster start to life with some calling it the finest, however others calling it the worst.

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Something we do understand is that the long-lasting power of Free Agents will constantly remain, and we’ve got you covered regarding how you can sign them below.

How to sign Free Agents in FIFA 23

The only costing associated with signing a free agent is their wage and any signing-on fee/bonus they ask for in agreement negotiations.

Signing Free Agents in FIFA 23 is extremely basic and can lead to some extraordinary outcomes for your group.


Free Agents are gamers unattached from a club and boast a value of ₤ 0.

These are the easy actions to assist you sign a complimentary agent in FIFA 23:

  1. Navigate to the transfer search area of the Profession Mode UI.
  2. Under ‘Transfer Status’, alter the toggle to ‘Free Agents’
  3. Scan the Free Representative market and add your desired gamer to your shortlist
  4. Navigate your shortlist and enter into agreement settlements with your desired totally free representative
  5. Settle on a wage and any signing-on/bonus

It’s as simple as that.

What is a ‘Complimentary Agent’ in Profession Mode?

A Free Agent is a player who is currently not signed with a club, so is eligible to sign with other clubs right away.

This indicates you can sign a Free Representative for no transfer fee in Profession Mode.

Constantly watch out in the Free Representative section of the transfer market, as you can find some real gems therein, and if you don’t act quick, another club will!

Though Free Agents won’t cost you a single cent to you’ll and sign have access to them immediately, you need to keep an eye on your wage costs as some players come with large needs.

Blitzcranks New Ultimate: The Worst Support Skill Ever Gets A Boost


One of the worst League of Legends skills is the W of Blitz crank.

This spell gives a speed boost to the hook champion, but it is true that as the latter progress and that speed ends, the champion loses that speed and slows down for a few seconds.
For the first time in a long time, the mains of this character have found a very interesting utility to this ability and that combines perfectly with one of the new preseason items.
The slowdown of the character allows the accumulations of JAK’ho, the protein, until the slowdown concludes.
The passive of the object accumulates for every second in combat up to eight times.
Each accumulation gives the champion that it has two points of additional armor and magical resistance for six seconds.
Blitz crank does not need to enter combat to accumulate JAK’ho, as we show in the video that we will link below that he has published in his Hex tech Lab networks.

Diego, another champion to take into account the JAK’ho

Another of the spotlights in which you have to pay attention to this video that we have published above is with Diego.
The ruined king is a true headache at the time when rival souls take, and if one of the members of the rival team has the aforementioned object, he will load the marks of the passive until they end his life.
In theory, it must be a bug, but if the one who has the JAK’HH is Iago himself, this construction is wrong, since by absorbing souls of enemy champions, you will have to hit them again so that this object accumulates all the loads
of his passive.
It is true that this object is not being seen so much in the ruined king, but if there is someone who wants to make flourishes and invent, that is not the item you are looking for to work for you as optimal as possible.

How Will The TikTok Ban Affect The United States?

Since the closure of Vine in April 2019, creators and social networks users have been crying out for a short format platform where time passes.


He entered TikTok, Vine’s spiritual successor, who has exploded in popularity in recent years.
TikTok has had a good amount of problems since its launch, and the recent impulses of the staff in politics have requested a total prohibition of the platform in the US
In the USA.

Are the United States going to prohibit TikTok?

Image Source: Clip champ
The short answer to this question is that nobody knows the answer to this question. Although it has been prohibited in the past.
The background of the discussion to ban the platform has a long history, partly due to who is the owner of the platform, so we analyze what happened in recent years.
In 2019, the Peterson Institute of International Economics initiated an investigation into TikTok and described that the findings are a reason for concern.
As with most social networks applications, TikTok obtains information from its users, such as biometric data, location and exchange of images.
While normally it is not a reason for concern, the Peterson Institute of International Economics discovered that this information was shared with interested parties in other parts of the world.
The owner of TikTok, ByteDance, shared that it was allowed to share this information with anyone, which caused concern after the company’s executive director, Zhang Timing, shared a letter in which he affirmed that the company would foster cooperation
With communist parties.
After the investigation of the Peterson Institute of International Economics, several members of the political space proposed several investigations and prohibitions of the platform.
It was not until 2020, when Trump completely prohibited TikTok, that the conversations became more than words.
However, Trump’s call to prohibit the platform became a greater concern for the limitations of freedom, and although he issued a prohibition in August 2020, that prohibition was later eliminated when Joe Biden assumed the position of president of the President of the United States in 2021. Since then, TikTok has been in much news and has been under investigation, but nothing has reached a total prohibition of the application in the US. Outside the Trump prohibition.

All states that have prohibited TikTok

Updated on December 13, 2022.
Some states have presented motions to prohibit the use of TikTok due to national security concerns.
At this time, six states have approved this motion:
South Carolina
South Dakota
That is all you need to know about whether the United States is going to ban TikTok.

If the status of the application changes, we will make sure to keep it covered.
For now, see our related topics below, such as how to solve missing profile image problems on TikTok, how to publish re-picktok and how to buy and use TikTok coins.
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World Cup 2022: Dalic certifies fascinating views. National coach Zlatko Dalic speaks of bronze that

Jörg Wolfram reports from Qatar
This is a sentence: We won bronze, however the medal glitters like gold, stated croatian national coach Plato Dali after the 2-1 in the game for 3rd place against Morocco.
Four years earlier, he and his team took second location behind France at the World Cup in Russia.
We are among the best three teams worldwide once again. This evening today is the most psychological minute, we live and train for that. It is the end of a journey, a long method, said the 56-year-old.
But the coach only suggested the trip through this World Cup tournament.
Croatia doesn’t have to stress over the future of his national team, even if it was the last world championship for some of my gamers: We do not need to hesitate of the future.
And he pressed after: Croatia has remarkable prospects. It is rather true. In the summer of 2023, his group plays the final 4 of the Nations League.

is Guardiola even the very best young player of the World Cup?

In truth: With the Leipzig main defender Joke Guardiola, the coach, whose agreement is still running till 2024, has a hope that was one of the very best protector of the tournament.
Was he even the finest young gamer of the World Cup?
He should definitely be on the list, stated the coach.
Guardiola himself, who had taken the lead for the Croats early in the video game, did not desire to applaud himself, a personal award was not so important to him, said the 20-year-old.
It is much more important: We did a return after the defeat against Argentina. And we desired this bronze medal.
Ergo can now be commemorated with a calm conscience.


Versus Argentina and old master Lionel Messi, the protector had actually paid tuition prior to the third objective when the 35-year-old had practically poured him through the entire Croatian half before he then put it on goal SCOR Julian Alvarez.
Hooked off, I don’t wish to discuss the semi-finals anymore, said Guardiola.

Madrid continues

The second 3rd location after 1998 was commemorated. The delight about it was still noted on the lawn of the Khalifa International Stadium.
The young boys like Guardiola or his main defender Josie Stall from Dynamo Zagreb or right-back Josie Statistic from Bayern Munich.
Likewise, the golden generation around captain Luka Modrić cheered, together with the children in their arms.
Everyone commemorated together, Dali ought to later speak of a big family.
And especially for the old such as Madrid, Damage Vida, Dean Loren, Marcelo Robotic or Ivan Perišić, who had actually struck the help in the last 4 years earlier and now gave the help, ES-Ernut-a psychological matter.
The 37-year-old Madrid even stressed after his 162nd worldwide match: It would be meaningless now.
Way: The permanent runner continues.

Guardiola jokes and goes

Therefore they all beamed at the medal around the neck, with the gold confetti.
How had Dali stated right now?
Bronze resembles gold for us.
Guardiola was even joking.
When asked about the nasty of the Moroccan Sofia Arafat in the 76th minute, which despite video evidence had not caused a penalty, he stated with a smile and with a view of his facial mask after a damaged nose, which he had suffered prior to the World Cup in the Bundesliga game versus Freiburg
: I could not see it well.
And anyhow: I am a defender, apparently I don’t understand how to fall.
Said it, smiled and went.
He had said it: Now the party is being celebrated.

We are among the finest three teams in the world once again. This evening today is the most emotional moment, we train and live for that. It is the end of a journey, a long method, stated the 56-year-old.

It is rather real. In the summer of 2023, his group plays the last Four of the Nations League.

Healing in D&D: A Complex Topic

In Dungeons & Dragons, healing magic is one of the most powerful ways to restore hit points (HP), and it’s also the easiest way, because you don’t need to worry about finding any other creative methods. But as we all know, there are more options than just healing magic to restore HP.

In dragons and dungeons there are many classes that can work healing magic: we would have bard, magic maid, clerics, rangers, druids and paladins.
Then there are recovery spells from subclasses, from classes that generally do not have recovery magic and healing abilities such as the fighter’s breathing or laying on the paladin.
In total, one might state that every D&D group that includes halfway various characters must have access to any recovery skills.
Nevertheless, healing in D&D is a sensitive subject.
The classic healer class does not exist, but it does not exist, however support classes that are more created for assistance than to trigger damage.
If you desire to play a genuine therapist, it is inadequate to just choose a cleric.
This is not how healing in dragons and dungeons does not work.
You then have one or the other recovery magic on your magic list, but as a high-quality therapist you count for a long time, apart from specific level areas, your healing magic is rather weak.

the best subclasses for healers

In fact, there are two subclasses that can boast that their healing magic puts everybody else in the shade: druids from the circle of the shepherd and cleric with the domain of life.
With these 2, the class features are strongly tailored towards recovery and if you really wish to be a genuine therapist instead of a character with a little healing magic, then they would be suggested to you.
Druid: Circle of the shepherd
Carriers are not instantly therapist in D&D;
Only one of their subclasses are well-matched for recovery, the others are more created to trigger damage or support.
Source: Wizards of the Coast LLC, A Subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc Druiden who belong to this circle can summon a ghost-Totem that, amongst other things, offers short-term hits or reinforces your healing.
The unicorn spirit is particularly worth discussing here.
This totem grants the list below effect: If you act a spell in the sphere of impact of the totem, which restores hit points, the totem also restores hits in accordance with every creature in accordance with your druid level.
Cleric: domain of life
The healing magic of these clerics are more effective in principle;
Every healing spell also recovers hit points in the amount of its magic degree + 2. In addition, life clerics can focus divine power: utilize life.
This class function restores hit points at 5 times your cleric level.

healing against fainting

When gamer characters head out the hit points in D&D, they faint and the players need to put down lifts to save their character.
You can support teammates by either dicing a medical check to support the character or by unloading your healing magic.
A single point is enough recovery so that a powerful can get up again.


For this, weak recoveries like recovery word are extremely useful for this.
If your class is able to do so, you must always prepare at least a recovery magic.
Even if you do not wish to be a therapist per se, it is good to be able to keep friends from securely death.

the most effective recovery spells

If you browse the resource books of the fifth edition of D&D, you discover many healing spells that are extremely different or useful.
There are individual target recovery, group healing, surface area healing impacts, revival and magic that trigger damage and healing at the exact same time.
Some are especially essential recovery spells:
Word of power: healing (grade 9).
Recovery (grade 6).
Vampire deal with (grade 3).

  • Aura of health (grade 3).
  • Regeneration (grade 7).
  • Recover mass injuries (grade 5).
  • Recovery spirit (grade 2).
  • Healing word (grade 1).
    Simply as with the magic-causing magic, naturally, it also uses to recoveries that they end up being more effective with rising magic.
    That is why the especially strong recovery spells are barely possible for many players;.
    After all, extremely few official campaigns are intended for such high players.
    Page 1 D&D: General info about recovery and healer classes.
    Page 2 Therapist unique understanding: berries, potions and skills.
    Page 3 photo gallery for D&D: The art of recovery.
    Next page.
    To the gallery to the homepage.

My Hero Academia: One For All is Coming to Fortnite

The cooperation of My Hero Academia has arrived in Fortnite, and you can participate in various quests, acquire new cosmetic objects and even experience a unique creative map.
In the official trailer, a melting chorus was shown, and you need to know how to get this tool for harvesting in the game.
Here’s how to get the ALL Might Kirk in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How many Breaks do you need to buy a marsh maker in Fortnite?

The Almighty Kirk is called all the attacks in the game, and it can be purchased separately for 500 Breaks from the store.
You can also purchase a omnipotent set for 2200 Breaks that contains five items, including an almighty suit.
The SMITE harvesting tool has an unusual rarity, and its design looks just like that of a popular character from My Hero Academia.
There are also three other tools for gathering the Hero Academia crop, which can be purchased separately or purchase a set of class 1-a equipment.
The cost of the Black whip Ax, Gravity Smasher, Cluster Buster 800 Borax Each, and they are available separately in the items store.

After buying an ALL SMITE harvesting tool, equip it on the Locker tab and plunge into the royal battle.
You can perform My Hero Academia quests, which will be available over the next few weeks.


Each of these quests gives 20,000 XP, which allows you to quickly go through a combat pass.
A new mythical weapon, Debut Smash, which causes crushing damage to enemies and buildings, has been added to the game.
Want to know how to take POI control in chapter 4?
Find out how to capture the Fortnite point in the game manuals for professionals.

Gaming gear gifts for me?

As snow falls all over the country, the winter is starting in earnest.
The last week seems to have been quite warm, but Korea, which has a distinction between the four seasons, is changing quickly so that it is hard to find spring autumn.

At the same time, a charity businessman Santa Claus (~~ Parent ~~) prepares a customized gift and blinks the decoration, doll, and blinking of the stars to keep the children’s concentric at the same time.
There is only a long time since the running tree embraces the street.
Christmas, one of the world’s largest holidays.


What is the most important thing for the coming Christmas soon?
Someone may have a warm dinner with family and lovers in a good space, or a Christmas party with friends for decades, but I think it’s also important for me.

Of course, the place to be with the meaningful people just talked is also important, but in the case of me, if a gift for himself is missing, the heart will be regretted, and it is difficult to start 2023 with a new heart.
~~ It’s hard to make excuses. ~~

In addition, I am not a child, but I am not interested in sweet snacks that are likely to rot by big bear dolls.
I don’t know if it’s a high-performance gaming gear with a flashing RGB.
Equipment like keyboards, mice and headsets.

If you look at the gaming gear that comes to the algorithm these days, the desire to buy is also burned, and you can see a lot of gaming.
Among them, the gaming gear brand is HP’s gaming gear brand hyper.
Hyper X is expanding its position in the market by expanding the gaming gear product line to Image (keyboard, mouse, headset), microphone and gaming monitors.

Naturally, the gifts they give to me are great for a long and big monitor on both sides, such as graphics cards or CPUs, but the wallets of beginners are still not so green.
As a result, there is a peripheral device that can be chosen from the lines where you can compromise and compromise, and hyper X products, which are attracted to high performance, are noticeable.
Let’s check by product line.

From full arrangements to Tennis and poker arrangements!

If you haven’t used it, it’s a keyboard that many people are using.
It’s one of the peripherals that can’t be done when playing games, surfing the web, and when I’m looking at work like me now.

And on my own, I think this keyboard is the most tender peripheral.

Even if you don’t care, you can say that it is a field where you can feel it even if you change a little from the key pressure to be pressed to the tall pressure to the sound of the tall.

The hyper-X keyboard is certainly a mechanical keyboard that is satisfied with a reasonable price, which is a good price, which is not anywhere in the overall price.
Even if you don’t have much interest in the keyboard, Karin, who just entered the keyboard, is right.

Among them, alloy lineup.
It can be inferred by the name, but it is a lineup that uses the aircraft-grade aluminum housing.
Naturally, when you think about all keyboards and high-end levels, it will be difficult to follow the feeling of the full-aluminum housing, but it’s definitely one of the keyboard lineups.

In the hyper-X ally lineup, we have a wide range of products from the full-grilled number pads to the number pads we commonly know, the appropriate size Tennis with the numbered pads, and the 60 arrays that can be slightly divided into the enthusiasts and poker arrangements with 65 arrays.

If you want to use it appropriately, you will not be able to adapt to users who think that full arrangements or Tennis, ‘I am special’ and ‘the peripheral design is a design’, but it is not easy to adapt.
Personally, it looks good for mental health to have a design and agreement with a 65 array.

▶ Vicky style in the full array!
Go to ‘Hyper X Alloy Elite 2’ Review
▶ Nowadays, Tennis is a major, hyper-X alloy Origin Core review shortcut
▶ If you are curious about the 60 array keyboard?
‘Algal Cut sen’ keyboard!
Hyper X, Go to Ally Origin 60 Review
▶ It would be okay to be smaller?
Hyper 65 array keyboard review shortcut

Pulse Fire series with light, performance

If the mouse is missing from the peripheral device, it is absurd.
Do you want to say Kiara?
The mouse is also one of the quite a lot of hands.
In recent years, the light weight and optical sensors with various new technologies have been performed with good performance.

Among them, hyper X Pulse Fire Best is indispensable.
Pulse Fire Hast, which can be organized with one word, adopts a light weight of 59g and a honeycomb shell structure that is transmitted by the body to maintain comfort even if you use it for a long time.
In addition, it is equipped with a pix art 3335 sensors like a gaming mouse to guarantee gaming performance to some extent.

In addition, you can also find a mouse optimized for gaming for the game.
The protagonist is a hyper X Pulse Fire Raid Gaming Mouse.
This mouse, which seems to have to be raided from the name, can be used by setting a total of 11 keys by combining both sides and wheel clicks.
Theoretically, if you only cook in your hands, you can play the game.
Of course, if you are not good at posture, it can be a trick if you have a lot of raids.

▶ Is it helpful for ultra-light mouse, wrist pain?
Hyper X, Go to Pulse Fire Hays Review
▶ Can you play games with one hand?
Hyper X, Go to Pulse Fire Raid Review

Headset and earphones
From Cloud Stinger 2, which is perfect for introductory, to ISBN’s wireless gaming TWS

The weather is definitely cold these days, so the headset is tired.
It’s warm, so you can listen to music there.

Among them, the recent headset from Hyper X keeps hovering on my head.
The high-end was too burdensome and the right sound quality of the good quality headset.
The hyper cloud Stinger 2 headset, which was released about a month ago, looks good.

The exterior looks like a high-end product, but in fact, it is a priced headset that has seen some compromise.
It is equipped with a 50 mm neodymium driver to play proper sound quality and even noise-canceling microphones.
Each function was also packed.
In addition, it is made in the over-ear method, so the leather cushion is completely covered with the ear, so I don’t worry about warming.

In addition, no matter how good the headset is, the nature of the headset that covers the ear, it may be difficult to use comfortably in the hot summer, and it can be a frustrating element for someone.
This can also be solved with a hyper X product.
Hyper’s gaming TWS, Cloud Mix Buds.

It is not a problem when playing games in low-latency, and it can be easily connected to 2.4GHz dongle on a PC or other platform, showing good connectivity and compatibility.
It is also quite useful because it can be used when you go out or listen to music.

▶ Introductory headset?
Hyper X, Cloud Stinger 2 Headset Review Shortcut
▶ TWS, but now I go to the hyper Cloud Mix Buds review with gaming
▶ 300 hours of charge once charged?!
Hyper, Cloud Alpha Wireless Review Shortcut

Three brothers of hyper capacitor that can be picked up according to your taste!

‘Do you need a microphone?
걍 You can use it in the headset. ‘

One of the most difficult devices to be able to feel is microphone until the use.
When playing games, it is also a microphone if you play a competitive game through voice chat, or if you are a steam game day with your friends on weekends.
In the case of the acquaintance mentioned above, I used to use the microphone attached to the headset.

Afterwards, I changed to a capacitor microphone with a suitable direction pattern, and no matter how small, even if I call a bit of box with a snort, it is definitely in the masturbation surface, so it takes good communication because it is different from the method of accepting the sound compared to the general headset microphone.
~~ Edition-not ~~

If you are thinking about the capacitor microphone, if you are thinking about a product that has a good performance for a pretty design, remember the three brothers of the hyper condenser microphone.
Only a single-oriented pattern is supported, but it is a duo cast that supports two types, ranging from the youngest solo cast to show off enough performance and high cost-effective ratio, to a single-oriented and all-direction pattern, and four flavors (single-oriented / entire / two-way direction
/ Stereo) You can use all the patterns to high end quad cast S without recording.

▶ Small and powerful capacitor microphone!
Hyper X, go to solo cast review
▶ Second type in the microphone up!
Go to Hyper X Duo Cast Review
▶ Hyper, Quad cast S Mike Review Shortcut

After all, there’s nothing like a gift

In my case, I feel more than a time when I have time to sit in front of my computer, whether it’s a work or a game after work, after work, even after work.
Not all, but some Ben users who like the game more than anyone think some will sympathize.

A large and priced expensive gift is a gift for you.
It is more like that if you are a beginner.
Of course, it will not remain if you take it out of this, but it will not be bad if you compromise as a gaming peripheral that can take care of both cost and feelings.

Hyper gaming peripherals, which are divided into moderate performance, price ratio, and various products.
Why don’t you give me a gift for me that’s a year of Christmas?

Ezra Millers New Trial Is Already Underway

The case of Ezra Miller continues to evolve.
After a couple of months in silence, a trial was recently held where the actor is accused of robbery with purple search.
In this case, Miller declared himself not guilty, so he now faces a 26-year sentence in jail.
According to Deadline, Miller faces up to 26 years in prison and more than two thousand dollars in fines if he is found guilty.
For those who do not remember, the actor was accused at the beginning of the year of stealing three bottles of alcohol of the pantry of one of his neighbors.
Because he was ordered to stay away from his neighbor, Isaac Winker, whose house supposedly entered the actor, and Vermont resident, Aiden Early, Miller did not physically attend his judgment.
According to the actor’s release conditions, this includes having contact with people in writing, by telephone or through a third party.
Now we just have to wait and see how this case evolves.

In related issues, these are Ezra Miller’s statements about theft.
Similarly, the actor asks for forgiveness.
Editor’s note:
Considering that we are talking about a renowned actor, it is very likely that his prison sentence is not so great.


While the possibility of spending time after bars is not ruled out, it will not be 26 years.
Via: Deadline

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