It is these minutes that break you. What do you select? Think of all effects and after that pick an option. The hardest decisions await you in these eleven video games.

decisions in computer game: Wait, I require a week to consider it

From Pokémon to Life is Odd, from Required for Speed: Underground 2 to Fallout 3-the decisions in these games tear you up and us. That’s how it is when you want to play the hero. Then you also need to make decisions that can just make a hero-or a heroine.

Who should be conserved? Should you go this course or another? Which is the finest decision, even if there is just bad? We asked our wise community what decisions in computer game you cost most nerves.


In the lower image series we have actually assembled the most difficult of the most difficult. It is no marvel if you have to put the controller away and look at the screen in these decisions. After that you simply have to do it.