How bad are women in video games, pussy, Woman, go to the kitchen, Whing machine. These are some insults collected during the experiment that is part of the #MyGamemyName campaign, with which Movistar denounces the macho harsment suffered by women in the field of eSports. Lt 2019 Movistar had launched a first edition of this campaign and, four years later, evaluates how the situation h advanced. In Meditation we attend the presentation of the event and a round table in which participants tell their experience. On the occion of the 25 N, in which ads on sexist violence cause a stir and at an era marked by unfortunate episodes in the industry, initiatives that seek to create a healthier space for players are necessary.

for being a woman

MYGAMYNAME It h the participation of professional players and content creators recognized in the industry, such Jen Herman, Gemini, Very Soldier, Leviathan, Lauri ta Chew and August Susana, who share their experiences on the bitter side of the multiplayer games. The campaign is presented through a press conference conducted by Clara Estrada Laura Nogales Mold, producer of the initiative, and with the testimony of Leviathan, Lauri ta Chicle, August Susana, Eider Díaz, Ago Manuela Goes, Laura Guest Can and Rachelxgin.

It is true that they insult everyone, but the insults aimed at boys go from their game ability, while those who receive us are for being a woman, says Leviathan, creator of content specialized in Valorant. In the same video we appreciate how in games of maximum two hours all the players found insults that seek to degrade them women. From playing stereotypes like Go to the kitchen or Make me a sandwich (traced of Anglo-Saxon culture) to Eat the cock, slut.

Goes, along with other male participants, sat side by side with companions to witness what w the development of a multiplayer game if you carry a female avatar or nick, and in effect it w not costing him to find delectable attitudes. Streamer considers that it is important that men reject misogynistic attitudes. Jen Herman in the video also talks about the responsibility of the content creator and that, being a reference, our online behavior influences our audience.

Don’t let them win

When we start playing it is because we want to spend a pleant and funny time, and find a hostile environment makes us rethink to live that experience. I believe that we have all gone through that time when we have ended up closing the game and not wanting to open it again, and many will have stopped playing for these bad experiences, shares a little gait. Jen Herman points out that she no longer plays competitive titles Online, unless it is an organized game among friends. Lauri ta Chicle recommends silencing the chat to avoid uncaught comments and thus avoid unknown to ruin the day, although this is not the definitive solution to the background problem.

Eider Díaz, head of Communication at Movistar Riders, highlights how education is the bis for building a more egalitarian society. These insults are a symptom of an environment in which education fails, and this is not only the responsibility of the educational center, but also of parents. Laura Cues ta, specialist in digital education, emphizes that video games are not guilty of these attitudes. Behind someone who fosters online harsment there is someone with a very poor self-esteem and a series of shortcomings. It also costs parents to supervise their children when they connect to play.

a slow, but positive change

But what h changed between My Game My Name of 2019 and 2022? The insults are the same, says Mold. But there is an evolution that now women are more visible, others are encouraged to play and no longer hide behind neutral or male nicknames. The Creator of Content Very Soldier states that he feels that women like her have raided the way to other new ones and how it is important to be a reference that encourages to create a more positive environment. On the other hand, Leviathan denounces the complicit role of the clsmates who, when witnessing a macho behavior, decide to shut up instead of supporting the sault or taking meures against the aggressor. Eider emphizes that it is not the same responsibility that of the aggressor that of the accomplice, although we must be aware of our role when rejecting certain attitudes frontally.


In My Game My Name we attend a known story again, that of players who know that the online environment is not always the most cozy, when the video game should join. Mold also highlights with penalty that there are players who have not wanted to participate for fear of reprisals by their audience, and fear even losing job opportunities. August Susana h sured that whenever he talks about feminism, he loses followers, although he sees it a cleanliness, because I don’t want those people to follow me. Leviathan is firm and ensures that she didn’t want to work with brands that would not want to work with her.

We move slowly, but towards a correct direction. My Game My Name not only will report, but to transmit a hopeful message. Women like Very Soldier, Jen Herman, Leviathan, August Susana, Gemini and many others have become referents of electronic sport. All agree that it is essential to report and make visible macho behaviors, and take care of mental health itself and, above all, not succumb to misogynist pressure and not abandon our space.