On November 16, INAMI Digital Entertainment has distributed the update Version 2.2.0 for the soccer game FOOTBALL 2023. In this update, operability adjustments will be implemented so that players will be easier to play.


This work has been changed from Winning Eleven and has a new start, including the renewal of the system. At the beginning of the release, bugs and game properties were rigorously evaluated as overwhelmingly unpopular, but updates have been being performed throughout the year, and the situation is improving.

In this update, adjustments will be made so that it is easier to start playing this work for the first time, and that users who have been playing so far will be easier to play. If the cursor change function to change the players to be operated is set in the auto mode, it will be it will be easier for operating players to switch to appropriate players near the ball.

The password when the pass manual was set to 3 was also changed, and the pass speed was dependent on the gauge. As before, 1 and 2 have assistance to speed, so this is an adjustment for users who play this work to some extent.

In addition, all parts of basic operations, such as dribbling and shooting, are updated easier to play. Please check the patch notebook for details.

In addition, Season 2 THE FOOTBALL FESTIVAL will open from November 17 to the World Cup in Qatar. In Season 2, Trial Matches allows you to select National Team of 40 teams around the world, and the AI tournament event The International Cup Experience will be held.

FOOTBALL 2023 is distributed for free for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/iOS/Android for free. Version 2.2.0 has been distributed since November 16th.