Thunderous Games has announced the acquisition of Jumpy, responsible for Somerville. In fact, the news has arrived exactly the departure day of the debris opera of the study that, in addition, can be played in Game Pass from today.

The Swedish editor agreement has been closed for a sum of 6 million pounds (about 6.85 million euros) and will result in the adhesion of the British study along with its (approximately) 25 employees, including Chris Olsen, creator of the universe of Somerville, and Dino Patti, former executive director and co-founder of Play dead (Limbo, Inside). Patti will keep his role as an executive producer in Jumpy, although he will also assume new tasks as a strategic advisor to Thunderous Games.


Our team marks its own course, and it is great to find a partner who not only understands it, but can really support us, explains Gunship’s director, Claire Brassiere, on an agreement that, as they usually tell us, will maintain the independence of the study. «The established relationships of Thunderous with the platforms and their experience when putting the games in the hands of the players give us an infrastructure in which we can concentrate on what we do better: create games that challenge our audience both emotionally and intellectually ».

The news not only arrives at the same day of launch of Somerville, but we have also met it little after my partner Víctor Martínez published his analysis on our website. Despite the great expectations by the name of Dino Patti that, indeed, shows admirable taste and intelligence, it seems that it does not always manage to maintain the interest in the same way. In his own words:

The most frustrating of Somerville is surely that almost avant-garde ambitions are noticeable, and perhaps even the talent necessary to get them forward; Something, however, ends up stopping them at all times, shaking their correct development and making the game end up leaving a bittersweet mouth. You don’t feel like messing with Somerville; You do not feel like giving it more strictly necessary to their fallen moments, and yet it is hard for me not to allow those moments to end up defining my experience with the game. In the end, I think there are more shadows than lights in this debut, in which, however, there are a few powerful images and some interesting situation; Not as many as they could see, unfortunately, and none that has the potential to impact and define in the imaginary of the video game as their great referents had.

Here you can read all the analysis.