Censorship is an inevitable evil for League of Legends , and has demonstrated again with the launch of K’Santa. In certain Avilés, the new League of Legends champion did not go hunting with a lover before reaching the invoked’s crack, but he had a partner in these dangerous struggles. Territories in which there is no trace of the love relationship between Leon and Diana or Val mar and Kai, the couple of men consumed by Virus to give rise to the champion who finally reached the video game. They are areas where the video game stories have any relationship with homosexuality .

Riot talks about K’Santa’s censorship

Censorship is not the favorite choice of Riot Games and less when it comes to more sensitive issues for the company. We have already talked about the change of many of its workers and the special sensitivity developed with inclusion over the last years. Jeremy Lee mentioned it, executive director of League of Legends also known as Riot Bright moon , he said in statements to Sky News: I want all players to find a champion with whom they can identify. However, this is not a white letter for the video game to operate throughout the planet.

Hanna Woo , Public Relations at the global League of Legends level, I deepen the explanations. Although the game undergoes changes to be published in all countries of the world in which it is already available and adapts to local legislation, the video game is a global phenomenon. Even if it is not explicit, direct, changes have been made or is not so evident, the identity of the characters is there, so you can see it . A situation that, everything is said, has not convinced a large part of the players. However, the alternatives are not much better.

The best alternative for League of Legends

In Russia-one of the countries that censored the history of K’sante-other social networks predominate. However, they also use Reddit or Twitter. Is it better not to launch the content or let it be the members of the community in the country who discover the history? The globalized world can have many bad things, but it also prevents you from putting doors to information. In Weibo, a platform similar to Twitter used in China, The community did not take more than a few minutes to gut the story of Diana and Leona even if the government tried to cut Riot Games in short.


K’Santa’s sexuality soon became public in Roost, a country that has laws against what they call homosexual propaganda. The decision, in this sense, is to withdraw League of Legends from their market, leave the characters with sexual or gender identities not majority or follow the path that Riot Games has taken. Beyond that the obvious that companies want to be in as many places as possible to earn money, does not seem very logical to punish players from an entire country for the shameful decisions of their government.