Although it is already aware that by 2023 Call of Duty fans will not be able to enjoy a new main release of the franchise, there are many rumors that there will be a great expansion for Modern Warfare 2 in the form of LCS. And recently Activision itself gave great strength to the hypotheses through its last financial report.

It would be a very substantial expansion package, to the point that the company wanted to sell it for the price full of a new game , i.e. $70, which in azil would revolve around $350.

Modern Warfare 2 can have great DLC

Since before the launch of Modern Warfare 2, he was circulating among the rumor community that the game would have LCS, one to celeate the 20 years of Call of Duty, inging iconic maps not only of the original MW, but of productions from other studios that worked on franchise.

Now Activision officially stated that it has a premium release to do in 2023.

With these few lines quickly the netizens have raised questions, as the studio talks about a new premium experience that inevitably makes you think of a new game. But, according to journalist Jason Schrader, This is the fact that a giant DLC for Modern Warfare 2 , developed by Sledgehammer Games, by Call of Duty Vanguard. Fans may initially have received this news with a smile, but the disappointment came when the price information of this expansion pack was ought to light.


Modern Warfare 2: DLC offered for full price?

Yes, that’s right. If Modern Warfare 2 offers DLC in GGG format during the year 2023, it should arrive, according to Jason Schrader’s words, for the price of $70, i.e., full of a full game release.

The moment we write, we do not yet know the actual content of this future expansion, but if we believe in the last rumors, it should offer one or more missions for the campaign, as well as a packet of maps for multiplayer.

As a result, this second year of the existence of Modern Warfare 2 will not be completely free, as it seems that to enjoy the new features to come, it will be necessary to put your hand in your pocket.