Harvested is compressed by many intrastate mechanics that make the gameplay interesting and introduce you to new adventures every time you go through some key points. The same thing in the case of cooking in Harvested, the ability that players will be able to unlock by hiring a restorer from the village of Summer for repairing a kitchen rack.

From this moment, players will be able to receive recipes and prepare them on their countertops. Each recipe requires different ingredients, and to help you find them, we have developed this leadership for you. To better understand how to grow ingredients for cooking in Harvested and key places for them, continue to read.

how cooking works

Preparation and eating is one of the main components of the game. This helps players restore their health and endurance, and they can also share these dishes with their allies and fulfill them as a mission.

It is always great to prepare and store food in your inventory before going on a difficult adventure, because you never know when your strength is over, and you need to have a bite in order to stabilize. Nevertheless, most of the cooking in Harvested is to find ingredients listed in various recipes.

As a rule, players can purchase ingredients for cooking in two ways: farm and collecting. Ingredients such as milk, flour and eggs can be obtained by processing and maintaining a living reserve.

types of ingredients for cooking

You can begin to engage in agriculture on the 2nd day with a hoe, a watering can, the seeds of the X3 carrot, the star of star wheat X3 and 49 squares of the available farm space. Viz will help you with how you can do agriculture, as well as with purchased seeds and seedlings; You will grow the sets of ingredients below.

Players will be able to receive seeds for growing in dungeons, chests with awards and when mining.

While in the dungeons, we recommend that you carefully monitor the corner areas and scan the entire location. You also need to explore other regions, traveling in search of hidden seeds.

plant seedlings

  • Vito peach
  • Macocoa
  • Babylon
  • Group grapes
  • Princess Cash tan
  • Snow Milan
  • Lokokonate
  • Promised fruit
  • Lunar fruit

seed plants

  • Carrot
  • Star wheat
  • Grass
  • Dress salad
  • Union
  • Demean tomato
  • Bubble
  • Solomon friend
  • Tingle radish
  • Chateollan paprika
  • Messenger
  • Primarily garlic
  • Morrorocorn
  • Pumpkin lantern
  • Rainbow bean
  • Royal eggplant
  • Lumtatato
  • Ardzhinskaya cabbage
  • Cold plant

  • Idea Rice
  • Honey flower
  • Sectarian
  • Curry Herb
  • Tudor Parts
  • Nitro pineapple

Places of growing culinary ingredients Harvested

Players can also get ingredients for cooking using an intrastate mechanism called collection. The collection is known as the action when the players go to the indicated point and collect foods for cooking.

At the moment, the following ingredients can be purchased in these places. We will add more places to this list where players can grow ingredients in Harvested.