[ Park Yeo-jin Reporter] Unity Korea (CEO Kim Indoor, hereinafter Unity) announced the final winner of the Unity Engine-based Contents Contest ‘Made with Unity Korea Award 2022 (MMU Korea Awards 2022)’ did.

MMU Korea Awards is an event that discovers excellent domestic contents based on Unity Engine, and aims to support the success of the project. Unity received a total of 400 cases from July 1 to August 31, and selected 14 final works after reviewing online public voting and Unity internal evaluation committee. The awards sections are 16 categories, including six categories in the game and industry, two unity picks, and two best works.

This year, Olympic’s ‘Sky Island’ and Ten Eleven’s ‘AI Architecture Design Designer’ were selected as the best works in the game and industrial fields, respectively. The best works will provide a prize of 5 million won and winners through Unity Korea online and offline channels.

Selected as the best work in the game field, Sky Island is a project that is worked by the college student development team. I got it.

Kim Iraqi, head of Olympus, said, Thanks to the accessibility Unity engine, I was able to show better quality graphics. I give you.

In addition, Cat Zero Labs and 39 Studios Trouble Punk in the Best Graphic Division, the Best Service Division, Visual Light’s Wolf and Pigs Multi, and Best Innovation Division Studio’s ‘Blue Wen’s Day’, PLACER’s ‘My Little Milky Way’ in the Best Moderation Division, and Best PC and Console ‘Vapor World: Over the Mind’ ‘Each was selected as the best work.

In the field of industrial, the best work in each category was selected. In the best anticipation category, ‘Ecological Detective Eves’ co-produced by Studio Coin and EBS, New Base’s ‘Medical Simulation Virtual Reality Content, Nulls Base’, and Media in Best Media & Entertainment Division Artist Moon Joon-yong’s ‘Augmented Shadow: Shadows that Chase Star’, Militia’s ‘My Little Room, Militia’ in Best Student Category Easy World Housing Options Real-time Visualization Debit (D. Virtual) were awarded.


The newly established Unity Pick to support creators who are active in various fields this year, ‘Best Social impact’, which is designed to contribute to creating a sustainable society and environment based on creativity and creativity based on creativity. The dog was selected.

Best Indie is a multi-ending story adventure based on the importance of life developed by the Best Social Impact, which was developed by one-person developer Asteroid-J, and the importance of life developed by the Best Social Impact. The impact game, 30 Days, was awarded.