MEGA CRT Games has launched Kickstarter for the board game version of Slay the Spire co-produced with Contention Games.

In this board game version, unlike the game version that plays alone, one to four players cooperate to build a deck while building a deck. It takes about 90 minutes per play.

The three language versions of English, French, and German have been released, and Chinese (simplified) and Korean versions are scheduled to start with different crowdfunding services. Delivery to Japan is also supported, but unfortunately there is no Japanese version at this time.

Kickstarter can get board games with more than $100 (about 14,835 yen). With a support of $145 or more (about 21,510 yen), a playmate, a metal coin, and a support of $210 or more (31,152 yen) will include a beta art and carry bag. At the time of writing this article, it has already received more than 150 million yen from about 8,000 backers, greatly exceeding the target amount of about 7.4 million.


Kickstarter in the board game version Slay The Spire is currently accepting support.