Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the most ambitious entry to date, which provides unprecedented customization levels to the platform you choose. One of the newest features is the reinvention of Gunsmith of 2019, which allows weapons to share attachments provided that their base forms are unlocked. We will see one of the oldest and iconic weapons of the game, the assault rifle M4, and we will analyze how M4 works in the new Gunsmith system in Modern Warfare 2 .

Explanation of the M4 weapons platform

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As mentioned, the M4 is an assault rifle of the first games that opens the doors for many of the best weapons of the game. With the M4, you can unlock two more weapons that in turn can unlock two additional weapons with the names of the weapons and the unlocking requirements listed below:

Light machine gun ICAO 556 : reaches level 19 with M4
Assault rifle M16 : Reach level 14 with the light machine gun 556 ICARUS
FTA Battle Rifle : Reach level 14 with the M4
Subfamily FSS Hurricane : Reach level 16 with the FTA Recon Battle Rifle

MW2 presents a new system that converts a weapon into a platform. When opening the platform menu, weapons that are manufactured similarly and the necessary requirements to unlock them are shown. In this case, the M4 is the head of the platform, being the four remaining family members.

Like any unlockable element in Call of Duty, playing the various modes of the game will grant you XP of arms to level your weapons. It is important to keep in mind that you can use double weapon XP tokens to accelerate progression. However, the various multiplayer modes of the game seem to grant more experience than the Spec-OPS missions.

Total number of universal accessories on the M4 platform

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Since previous weapons are part of the same weapons platform, share a series of attached files from each other :

Light machine gun ICAO 556 : 1 mouth, 1 lower cannon, 1 cylinder head, 1 optic
Assault rifle M16 : 1 mouth, 1 low barrel, 1 rear handle, 2 canyons
FTA Battle Rifle : 1 rear handle, 1 cylinder head, 1 optic, 2 canyon
Subfamily FSS Hurricane : 1 rear handle

To unlock any of the universal accessories, you just have to level the weapon to which they belong. For example, up the M16 level to level three unlocks the 14″ Carbine Shroud cannon for both the M4 and the M16. The simple fact of experimenting with other weapons after unlocking them will unlock many accessories at the top of the platform and family members, which will allow unprecedented customization.

That is all you need to know about the M4 weapons platform . We are still immersing ourselves in MW2 multiplayer mode to create the best necessary content, but for now we have many guides to help you. See our MW2 review, how to access the Trello plate for MW2 to verify the game status or how to unlock the VAZNEV-9K.

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