At this point, it is difficult to talk about the most important and influential indies in history without doing it with limbo. And if we debated them in terms of quality, Inside would also be in the list. This is two jewels of the genre that we will never tire of recommending and that, from November, will receive a third little brother with open arms. We refer to Somerville, one of the lt surprises that had us stored this 2022.

The game h just announced its relee date with a new trailer, where it confirms that it will land on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on November 15 . In addition, Somerville will be available for exit at Game Ps , so there is no excuse not to give it a chance.

What is Somerville about?

While is not developed by Play dead (the study after limbo and inside) or directed by the author of both (art Jensen), the game h the controls to whom it w the other 50% of both Projects. We refer to Dino Patti , co-founder of the company and executive producer of what he created. Patti left Play dead a few years ago in search of new adventures and, the result of them, today he presents himself before us with a new study, Jumpy, and his first work, Somerville .

The game is defined one, like an adventure of puzzles and platforms similar to limbo and inside, but without puzzles and platforms . This mysterious and contradictory h been showing Dino Patti with respect to the mechanics, of which they have only confirmed that we will not be limited to moving in two dimensions .

We must guide our family ( We will handle the father, the mother and the son ) through the ruins of civilization while we avoid an alien invion and all the traps and mortal artifacts’ consequence of it. Without dialogue , its clear references, the story will be told through the scenarios and our actions. Its theme of science fiction and clear reminiscences to the war of the worlds make up one of those experiences of which, the less one knows before immersing themselves in them, the better.