Cap com has distributed the update data Very.12.0.1 in the hunting ACT Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break for Nintendo Switch/Steam.

In this update, it was carried out mainly on bug revisions. Increasing the increase in the save data size that occurred in the switch version, and measures for unauthorized puppet strategy quests (remodeling quests) have been expanded.

In addition, in continuous input of gesture pose sets with restricted gesture in Very.12, adjustments were made up to four times per second. In addition to this, various bugs have been revised. The full text of the official website is as follows.

  • As a result of verifying the continuous input of gestures and pose sets, adjust the safety of the communication lobby and adjust up to four times per second.

  • Correct the defect that the puppet slot expansion of the big sword Chrome Heaven, ORD Making GS, and Poison Mash Road are lacking.

  • Overcoming the puppet fixes different defects between players with less than 100 puppets and more than 100 players.

  • M ★ 6 In the quest of White Flame You light, using Hiogikawaz under specific conditions will correct the bug that a rare species of Tamamitune will go around the same place.

  • If you do not hold the play right of Monster Hunter Rise: Unlike, you will fix the problem that the application will end if you perform equipment search with a processing shop or item box.


  • When the event demo scene is played, change the auto save at the same time.

  • Change unauthorized puppet strategy quests so that you can not order from the quest counter.

  • Change the chat log that promotes attention if the quest is determined to be an illegal quest when participating in the puppet study quest.

[Nintendo Switch Version] Correct the defect that increases the save data size when setting puppet hierarchy armor in the guild card Publishing Equipment.

[Steam version] If you are running the sound utility software Pacific Audio, you will fix the bug that crashes when connected.

  • Use of download content and Internet communication play must be updated to the latest version.