H₂ Interactive Co., Ltd. (H₂ Interactive, CEO Huh Jun-ha) announced that it will officially launch the Korean version of ‘Alkanoid-Eternal Battle’ by Pasta games’ Pasta games as PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Alkaloid, a symbol of block defeat game, is completely transformed and returned! Discover the charm of Alkaloid again. Armed with new visuals, play modes, effects, bonuses, and features while keeping classic elements! Experience the Eternal Battle mode, the first Battle Royale mode introduced in the series.

Alkaloid is a symbolic arcade game developed by Tito Co., Ltd. in 1986. The small spacecraft Bass was attacked by the mother ship alkaloids and moved to another dimension. Now, House must destroy the block called Space Wall and defeat Do, which created the multidimensional labyrinth.

■ Game Features
-Various game mode: 2 single play mode (Neo & Retro), local multiplayer mode (confrontation), network multiplayer (Eternal Battle)

-Neo-mode (1 person play): A new game mode, a new power up, a new space wall has been added to the classic alkaloid.
-Retro mode (1 person play): Experience a part of the history you enjoyed in the vintage arcade cabinet!
-Battle Mode (2 ~ 4 people play): You can play a confrontation based on Neo mode on the same screen in the same screen.

-The Eternal Battle Mode (25 players): Online competitive mode, and one person who survives until the end wins. Champions can play more favorable play using special abilities during gameplay.

Information on the release of the Alkaloid Eternal Battle PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch Korean version can be found on the official website, Facebook, and YouTube.