Memories Rooney Z will return in 10 years.

Valor announced on the 14th that it will recruit private test participants from casual RPG Rooney Z. Private tests can be participated from 3 pm to midnight on the 19th.

Rooney has been a popular casual RPG service provided by Nixon since 2006, and has ended its service in 2012. Rooney Z, which is about to resume the service in 10 years, will verify content stability in this test. Valor has been testing since then, and he will open the content sequentially.


In private tests, you can still see the characters you can see in existing Rooney Z, such as Air, Dine, Zeke, Tia, and Slime. Valor will continue to stimulate the player’s nostalgia by sequentially released characters. In addition, content and items that are important for balance, such as PVP, Raid, most myth stages, and high-level equipment, will be updated after improving the balance through this private test. Valor will be able to regain Rooney Z’s reputation, improve the game, and convey the fun of active communication and memories.

For more information about Rooney Z, you can find it on the official Below’s website.