The establishment of the Game Culture Museum has not been reflected even for the second year.

In addition, Democratic Party Lee Gaucho, a member of the Korea Content Agency, said, In the last 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Culture promoted the construction of the Game Culture Museum, which gathered the industrial value and history of the game, but there was no progress since the related research service. He pointed out his willingness to establish the Cultural Museum.

In the whole government, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced plans to build a game culture museum with a complex cultural space using games such as systematic collection, research and preservation of game-related data, and the game-related cultural space using games such as exhibitions, education, and gameplay. The service was estimated to be 5,000 pylons and the project cost was about 50 billion won in the metropolitan area. The industry and academia were greatly welcomed by the announcement of the national-led game museum construction plan. Because I was looking forward to improving the cultural status of the game and improving awareness.

However, the Korea Creative Content Agency, which is a leading agency under the Ministry of Culture and Industry, was not reflected in the basic plan and feasibility research service of 200 million won, which requested the budgeting in 2021, and 300 million won was not reflected in the 2022 budget. This year, I did not apply for budgeting next year.

It is said that the budget is not reflected, because the first planning research service results report was poor. Representative Lee Gaucho pointed out that the research report was published for 100 million won, but it was a sloppy report that did not express the countless errors and comments on the facts.

Lee said, It was wrong from applying for a subsequent budget based on the poor research service data. The position of the Agency is in the position of the Agency.

Lee said, If you think about the status of the Korean game content powerhouse to give up and cover the game culture museum, it is unfortunate. CHO Hyundai said, I think the game museum is necessary.

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