There are a handful of time jumps in House of the Dragon, and there are often significant developments of characters that we cannot see on the screen, like several characters who marry new people. If you are wondering Who is Argon’s wife in House of the Dragon? This is what he needs to know.

Explanation of Argon’s wife in House of the Dragon

Argon II, son of Aliment and Misery, is already married when we see him again in episode 8 of House of the Dragon. It is not explicitly said when he marries, or with whom he is married, but The final scenes of the episode reveal that he was actually married to his younger sister, Helena .

We learned about this when Helena makes a toast during dinner, stating that marriage is not so bad and that her husband in most of her simply ignores her or forgets her. Her marriage with Argon also makes sense, since the Targaryen have a long history of incestuous marriages and endogamy, and her goal in doing so is to strengthen her lineage.

With Argon II ready to take the iron throne after his father’s death, at least that’s what Otto and Alien expect, Alien would want her to marry someone trustworthy so that her lineage is not seen engaged.


That is all you need to know about Who is Argon’s wife in House of the Dragon? . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more news and information about the program, including the duration of time jump between episodes 7 and 8, and why the program is literally so dark.

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