If we like most of the players of League of Legends it is to feel powerful inflicting tons of damage to the enemy champions. There is something addictive to subtract health from the rivals that makes us neglect the most tanks to dedicate whole days to increasing our skills with the most destructive heroes. However, when it comes to liquidating adversaries there is a mechanic reserved for a few members of the squad that shines with its own light. We refer to true damage, a way of removing reserved life to a few members of the campus that we will review in a conscientious way.


The characters with more true damage to League of Legends

The particularity of true damage is that it cannot stop through resistances, the only way to face it being accumulated. However, this method is not too efficient. Although it helps us to deal with the champions that most abuse this mechanic, it can leave us unprotected against the rest of the rival team. In this sense, inflict damage in this particular way can be decisive in a game. In addition, there are other positive points such as that it is much easier to calculate how much life we will subtract from enemies by not needing to take their resistance into account.

These are the League of Legends champions with more true damage . Keep in mind that the table shows the total amount of health points subtracted through this mechanics and what percentage represents its total damage inflicted per departure.

The truth is that the list is quite surprising, since we were not few who expected to see Wayne occupying a very highly first position. However, the hunter and the silver bullets of her remain lightly behind the two characters in the first positions. Lead Master Yi and Camille , which inflict 32% of their damage in this way. Little injustice in this first position, since the jungle left with advantage. In addition to subtracting more life from enemies throughout the items, it is played in a position in which challenging crushing, and red improvement help inflate the percentage of true damage to the total.

As for the characters that complement the top, the truth is that there are not too many surprises. Both the E (reckless onslaught) of Olaf and the passive (duelist dance) of flora are inexhaustible sources of this type of damage. What does attract attention and affects almost all heroes in the TOP is their good victory rate? Except Wayne, everyone exceeds the desired 50% and probably if the shooter does not do it is because she has been disregarded since the great reduction of power of her in the review of Patch 12.10.

Collecting what the heroes that most abuse this mechanic have also allowed us to review some curiosities worth mentioning. For example, we now know that Only 26 champions inflict more than 10% of their damage as true , just 14 20% and only three privileged leave the score above 30%. If we thought it was something exclusive, now we are even more convinced. Even so, there are other equally exclusive forms in which Riot Games can make it almost impossible to defend himself from a champion.

As a curiosity, one of the characters that could have struggled to enter the top is The old version of Cork . Although there are hardly any players who remember how this champion worked before, the passive said: Basic attacks against enemy units inflict 10% of the total AD as additional true damage. In fact, for this reason Riot Games had to be very careful every time he improved his favorite champion or objects in the first years of League of Legends.