The last adaptation of Netflix video games has proven to be great success; So much so, in fact, that he has led many to give Cyberpunk 2077 a second or first chance. If you are one of the many, and you would like to learn how to build one of the great characters of the program in the game, this is what you need to know about How to build Rebecca from Edge runners in Cyberpunk 2077 .

Rebecca Edge runners Cyberpunk 2077 Build


Rebecca is surely one of Edge runners’ most entertaining characters with her personality and slightly manic. Even so, as Cyberpunk, do not make mistakes, she is also an armed rude, so we will obviously focus here on a weapons-centered construction. We want to make sure that Rebecca can handle any type of weapon in the game, although we will support ourselves a lot in the shotguns since the update 1.6 added the Guts shotgun of Rebecca to the game. You can read our detailed guide on where to get it here.

Before entering the details of the construction, if you are playing on the PC, it is worth noting that the molders have created some quite impressive cosmetic modifications to bring your construction to the next level. You can get Rebecca’s guns, Rebecca tattoos and hairstyle and Rebecca’s eyes, to name a few.

Cybernetic software

You must focus your implants on giving Rebecca more ability to accumulate damage, since she will always be in the heat of melee shootings.

Cure when killing *-instantly restores 10% health after defeating an enemy
Second heart -instantly restores 100% of health after health reaches 0
Bioconductor -reduces all cyber-cybering reuse times by 30 %

As was the case with our construction of Lucy, be sure to get these two cyberwars to really increase Rebecca’s movement:

  • Cerenkov -Allows you to slide and dodge more quickly while she slows down. The Doc Arroyo stripper sells them in Santo Domingo at $7,500.
    * Maneuver system -Add a maneuvering system to improve the effects of Cerenkov. The Doc Arroyo stripper sells them in Santo Domingo at $3,000.

We also recommend opting for a kiss, since it allows us to almost overload Rebecca for melee combat in which we run and slide using shotguns. A good option is the Mil tech Be jerk MK.5 which increases the duration of beer and critical damage while decreases the weapon setback. He also adds some extra meat to Rebecca’s defense, which means that you can better survive the punishment of combat. It increases her health by 40% while increasing armor and resistance. Not to mention that the cure every time you kill an enemy. You can buy it from Nina The Ripper Doc in Charter Hill (29 Street Cred).

Character points

Now, let’s talk about statistics. The construction that we recommend distributes the points quite uniform between the body, the reflexes and the technical ability. These are the three main attributes in which you want to turn points, so assign 18 to each. Intelligence will remain almost intact with only 3, while Cool obtains 12. Any additional point that must be poured into body, since this is the attribute that presents the annihilation benefit, which increases the damage and the ability to dismember shotguns

Let’s look at some recommended advantages for each attribute branch.



Pump stronger! *-Reduces shotgun and LMG setback
Heavy lead -Increases the setback of shotguns and LMG.
Rain of bullets -The shotguns and LMG make 10% more damage
On your face *-Shorter recharge time and reduced LMG by 30%
Excavator -Increases the probability of critic with shotguns and LMG by 5%
Plate shooter -inflicts 15 % more damage to moving objectives with shotguns and LMG

Hit the cover *-Increase in damage with shotguns and LMG to staggered enemies in 20%
Unstoppable: dismember an enemy increases the shotgun and LMG shot speed for 8 seconds (very good in combination with the Guts shotgun)
Speed demon -inflicts more damage the faster you move
* Blood rush: Increases the movement speed in combat by 10% while carrying a shotgun/leg


Since Rebecca apparently is not very good in Fitness, we are only investing in a few here.

  • Divided attention -She allows you to recharge while you run / slide
    * Multitask -It allows you to shoot while you run/slide


Since Rebecca uses so many weapons in Edge runners, it is worth investing a lot in reflection because it offers benefits for assault and gun rifles. The idea with this construction is to try to eliminate enemies approaching, but if this is not possible, there is also the option to make long-range shots.


Execute *-inflicts 25 % more damage to enemies with rifles and LMG when enemies have more than 50 % health
Feel the flow -Reduce the recharge time for rifles and LMG by 20%
shoot, recharge, repeat -defeat an enemy with a rifle or LMG reduces recharge time by 40% for 5 seconds



Killer *-inflicts 15 % more damage to human enemies
Of the Shadows *-Increases the probability of critic by 20% for 7 seconds after entering combat for the first time

Cold blood

* Easy output -Increases weapon damage by 20% for enemies within 5 meters when it is active (excellent in combination with the shotgun)

Technical ability

The advantages of this branch will focus on allowing you to manufacture legendary armor and improve your GUTS shotgun. Consider benefits such as ASSENT MONO and Craftsman Runner of Pilot For this purpose.

Also in technical skill, you can also use the engineering secondary branch to maximize the benefits of technological weapons, which may or may not want to use as part of its construction. If you are interested in following that path, look for benefits such as Tesla and Overcharge. You can shoot through the walls with weapons associated with these updates, including the DB-2 Sahara and the Neuromata.

That is done by our How to build Rebecca from Edge runners in Cyberpunk 2077 Construction Guide. Again, it is not a completely exhaustive list of Perks and Cyberwar options, but should provide an excellent general description of what works best for construction style. To get more related content, look for Infinite or see what is listed below.

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