In Final Fantasy XIV: End walker Harleansky mollusk is one of many collectible fish presented in addition. Gar lean Clam is distinguished in that it is used specifically in one of the quests Stadium Deliveries. But where exactly can you find Harlan mollusk and how to catch it?

in search of Harleansky mollusk

Gar lean Clam can be caught in two places in Harlem Zone Lombard. This Elba thaw (X: 11, Y: 30.7), just camp broken glass, and also Stainless course Place behind district of Urbanism, (x: 23, y: 6.8). We marked both places on the map below. Both sites are equally good, but many fishermen have achieved more success on The Stainless Course.

fishing on Harleansky mollusk

To catch harleansky mollusk, we recommend at least a horseman fishing rod (I-Ural 480) One of the wands of Sky sung or Builders’ (I-Ural 500) or Red pine fishing rod (I level 520) . You are also recommended Fisher level 83 but you can quite easily catch this fish at 80 and higher.

As a bait, you can use a universal bait and leech. But we recommend a universal bait, as it corresponds to its name, it is incredibly universal and is suitable for almost all End walker fish.

Catching fish will require you to collect skill actively. When he is active, find weak (!) Bit and wrap it. There is no other collectible fish in this area, so it should be quite simple.

Harleansky mollusk uses

Harlan mollusk cannot be sold, it is not used in any recipes and is useless outside the quest. A quest for delivery to the 85th level studio, a history lesson, requires you to collect Orleans mollusks for T’lac Tia. You will be a reward of delicious pieces of carrots, as well as a healthy handful of experience, Gil and scripts for your work! Good fishing!

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