Can’t find the specific cosmetics that you are looking for in a personal store? You correctly introduced the name of the cosmetic product, but it still does not appear? Well, don’t look further. Here is all that we know about how to find an annoying accessory or a luxurious outfit that simply will not appear on the market in Phantasm Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Personal stores market

The market for personal stores is a little non-intendive. In other games with the market, it is usually easy to find an object to find it. However, in Phantasm Star Online 2: New Genesis, the market hides objects that you yourself did not see in the game. This is due to how the game stores elements in its database. It is not enough just to see the item on another player at a distance. You must check their profile and see the actual name of the subject while it puts on them. As soon as it is done, you can easily find the item using a simple search on the market.

However, sometimes it may be difficult to find someone who wears or uses the object that you are looking for. As a rule, the older the item, the more difficult it is to find it in the game. After all, fashion always moves forward. In this case, you can try to ask the veterans players to equip the item so that you can inspect them. The Phantasm Star Online 2: New Genesis community is very social, so do not be surprised if several players line up to help you.

As a hint for the future, even if you do not plan to buy any mods at the moment, We recommend opening the latest AC and SG Scratch tickets that are introduced into the game every week. Thus, if you are not yet ready to buy this cool outfit in the store, you can find it later. This will make your life much easier if you lead a cosmetic lifestyle.


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