Google now has an adorable Topdown-Zelda option in your baggage, which you can play directly in the browser. This sends you to the historical Mexico, a lot more precisely, into the mystical globe of old Maya society. We’ll tell you extra regarding The Descent of the Serpent.

Jellylike on the planet of Maya

After that you go to the historic city of Chichen Itza , of which actually only damages on the Mexican peninsula are left. There you will certainly satisfy Quite, a bird with chic headdresses that tell you extra concerning the world and your work.

It has to do with: The adventure begins in the museum, in which you are asked to assist of a talking sculpture in the Maya globe. More exactly, you ought to bring back a lost artifact that was swiped by an effective god. Otherwise, there is a threat of a flood disaster. Prior to you travel back in time, you need to pick the appropriate cladding, that indicates that you come to be a charming wolf, canine, jaguar or owl warriors who have all sonorous Mayan names.

In this video you get an impression of the game:

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By the way: The video game can not just be interesting for you, but likewise appears like a great title for youngsters.

In this game, which was created by the Google’s Arts and also Culture group with the assistance of the Mexican National Gallery of Anthropology, you must not just experience an experience, yet additionally discover more about the societies of Mesoamerica. You can additionally obtain even more information on the topic on the connected website. There are likewise Google’s Arts and also Culture apps for iOS and also Android, whereby you can additionally play the video game.

Just how do you like the video game? Are you hosting likely to consider it-maybe also along with the family members?

It is about: The adventure begins in the museum, in which you are asked to aid out of a talking sculpture in the maya world. In this game, which was established by the Google’s Arts and Culture group with the assistance of the mexican national museum of Sociology, you need to not just experience an adventure, yet additionally learn a lot more regarding the cultures of Mesoamerica. There are likewise Google’s Arts as well as Society apps for iPhone and Android, with which you can also play the video game.

How do you like the game?