This week, the Triplex Online Fest , an event in which everything important in the world of anime is being held, with new seasons as well as premiere dates for important productions. And now, more than the adaptation of Near has been revealed: Automata , with two different trailers and also their broadcast window in Japan .

Through two videos, we can see the characters in action, being 2b and 9s the protagonists, on the other hand there was a space with the creators of the animation to talk a little about the work process. And to finish everything with a gold brooch, the arrival window is shown, which is neither more nor less than January of 2023 , starting everything in the Japanese country.

Here are the videos:

For a long time this anime had already been announced, but no updates were given, so now the fans will be happy to take a look, so we will have to wait at the beginning of the year to have the first glance. It has not mentioned a dubbing in different languages, but platforms such as Crunchyroll are expected to achieve rights.