Disney Dream light Valley is a fascinating adventure-symbol filled with the legendary characters of Disney. You become a hero of history, helping the characters restore the Valley of the Light of Dreams to its original glory, saving it from evil magic. You have so many things from craft, agricultural and cooking. Food can be divided with friends in the valley, and this is also an important element for restoring your energy. The better the food, the more energy it will restore. Here’s how you can cook vegetarian stew.

If you look into your book of collections in the Food collection and find the Recipe for vegetarian stews, you will see that there is three ingredients required for cooking a dish. However, until you collect some ingredients and open the recipe, these specific ingredients will remain hidden to you. Sometimes you can guess the right ingredients by just looking at the image of the dish. For vegetarian stew, you will need the following:

  • Potatoes
  • Carrot

  • Onion

These ingredients can be found throughout the valley, usually they are sold in the Hugh shelves. Carrots You can find in peaceful meadow , onions in Forest of valor and potatoes in Forgotten land .


When you have ingredients, go to the nearest stove. It can be either at your home or in the Chen Remy restaurant. To discover new dishes, it is recommended to double-check your story or a book of recipes to see what you did before, so as not to make mistakes. Since you know ingredients you need, all you need to do is add them to the pot and there is one coal k start cooking .

As soon as you prepare a dish, it will officially unlock the recipe in your book of collections. Vegetarian stew is a dish with three stars, which means that it can cost money to sell or significantly restore your energy. Food can also be given to other characters in the valley to increase their friendship.

Now you know how to cook a delicious vegetarian stew, and all that is needed for this is three ingredients. It is always useful to have one or two meals on your character to maintain a high level of energy, but it can also bring you additional star coins, if you need them. Successful cooking!

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