Fortnite remains one of the best games of the royal battle of the Continuity genre, thanks to the constantly changing content, which annually continues to surprise and entertain the players. Season 4 of chapter 3 brought the Chrome burst to the world, introducing new mechanics, weapons and hidden storage facilities full of prey that players can pick up. These storage facilities are scattered across the map and filled with chests, ammunition boxes, food boxes and many others. However, they are tightly sealed and demand that the players find a way to unlock them.

All storage facilities in Fortnite

The storage facilities are underground, usually with a staircase leading down and hidden by bushes around the external entrance. These are all the places of storage facilities on the map that can become available on your map as soon as you get the key :

To the northwest of the Logjam intersection in Seven Avvanposts II
to the north of Rive Escher
south of Rive Escher *

To the southwest of the Ravel cave in Seven Avvanposts v
To the west of a fat grove near displaced depot
Center inclined towers
Southwest from inclined towers
North of Rocky Reels near refueling
To the west of Changer’s racing highway near Castaway Short
North of the Canon Condo Canyon near Bungalow Blooms
To the southeast from Condo Canyon
Center Brilliant lagoon
North-east of Lustrous Lagoon in Seven Avvanposts III
North-east of the flickering temple of Johns in Seven Avvanposts VII *

how to open storage facilities in Fortnite

Even if you happen to stumble upon the storage during the card, you will not be able to enter it until you unlock it. You will need a unique key to open asylum door and, in some cases, more than one key. Fortunately, finding some is not so difficult. Keys can be found all over the world, like ground production or in chests . the location of the shelter should appear on your map as soon as you find the key. Then all you need to do is get to one and unlock this, holding X on Xbox, e on PC or Square on the PlayStation. Some storage facilities will need more than one key, so you may have to look for them a little longer before you can open them.

storage facilities for which two keys in Fortnite

  • North of Canyon Condo near Bungalow Blooms

  • Center of inclined towers
  • The center of the shiny lagoon
  • North of the Rave Cave

These storage facilities are worth unlocking them, since they are filled with all kinds of excellent prey, which can help you prevail during the match and, possibly, win the royal victory. So look for the keys and check them in accessible places listed above!

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