BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE is the largest ever in the 6.1.0 update distributed in July 2022 for the asymmetric horror survival game Dead by Daylight in the 6.1.0 update distributed in July 2022. We published the results of balance adjustment.

In the 6.1.0 update, the character development system has been reviewed, some parks are strengthened and weak, and diversity in the park configuration, and the basic performance of the murderer is slightly enhanced, and the overall, overall killing. The main purpose was to improve the rate, and to implement a matchmaking bonus, alleviate the play population bias between the camps, and reduce the time required for matching.

In order to measure the results of this update, information such as records and other results compared before and after the 6.1.0 update was released. According to the report, the average murder rate by the murderer increased by about 8%to 61%. In addition, the average matching time has decreased by 32 seconds to 59 seconds. In addition, the information published public, such as the current popular park usage rate, is as follows.

Murderer’s Takes hi

Average killing rate : From 53%to 61%.

Usage rate 1st place Park Energy Usage rate : From 13%to 19%.

2nd place Park Agony Hook: Pain in Resonance Usage : From 20%to 17%.

3rd place Park Barbecue & Chile usage rate : From 40%to 17%.

Other popular park : Susana Sudoku, Last fun, Overcharge, Death phobia Call of the sea

survivor’s record

Average escape rate : From 47 % to 39 %.

Usage rate 1st place Park Self-Care Usage: 21 %.

Currently 2nd place Park Dead Hard usage rate : From 42%to 19%.

Current 3rd place Park Windows of Opochunian usage : 18 %.

Other popular parks: Supplant, proof of competence, full sprinting, grace: healing ring, given grace, frozen spine.

Matching waiting time

Average matching waiting time : 91 seconds to 59 seconds.

Average murderer waiting time (new chapter distribution date) : Up to 240 seconds.

Average survivor waiting time (new chapter distribution date) : Up to 40 seconds.

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE explains that the number of murder and escape rates remains in the expected range, and that the hired parks are more diversity than before. On the other hand, since these data fluctuates every day, they will continue to observe and change and balance as needed.